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10 November 2018

Deal or no deal?

Both of Theresa May’s choices are unpalatable

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What the UK can learn from the US midterms

Donald Trump can, at the very least, claim to have killed off political apathy. Americans this week voted in greater…

Portrait of the week

Portrait of the week: The US midterms, Theresa May’s Brexit plan and London’s murder rate

Home Theresa May, the Prime Minister, set off for St Symphorien Military Cemetery in Mons, from which she was to…


Tim Laurence’s diary: how Macron broke a gentleman’s agreement for Remembrance Sunday

How on earth should one do it? How should the centenary of the end of a war be marked? Not…


How many restaurants have actually gone bust?

It is cricket The use of a baseball expression, backstop, for possible arrangements over the Irish border could upset some…

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Giving thanks

From ‘Thanks be to God’, 16 November 1918: The thought that filled the mind of the nation on Monday, and…


Tony Abbott is wholly misplaced about WTO Brexit

Hubris and nemesis Sir: Douglas Murray’s assessment of Angela Merkel’s decision to stand down as German Chancellor (‘Europe’s empty throne’,…