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21 July 2018

The rehabilitation of Assad

He’s back – with Russia’s army and America’s blessing


The Spectator's Notes

The sense of betrayal feeds the demand for a no-deal Brexit. Watch this space

The collapse of Mrs May’s Chequers plan, followed by Tuesday’s failure of the Tory Remainers to defeat the government, creates…


May's summer delusion: the recess won't solve anything

The summer holidays couldn’t come soon enough for Theresa May. So desperate was she to get MPs away from Westminster…

Rod Liddle

Real football fans don’t care about race

It’s middle-class commentators – not supporters – who seem obsessed with the number of black players There were altogether too many darkies in England’s World Cup…

Matthew Parris

Brexit is in chaos. It’s time to delay it – then stop it

Omissions can be as instructive as inclusions. I noted a curious example in a column Nick Timothy wrote last month…

Lionel Shriver

In the end, the Remainers will win. The powerful always do

Before the referendum, I predicted behind closed doors that even if Leave improbably prevailed, Britain’s political establishment would ensure that…

Any other business

An amoral money world needs ethical campaigners more than ever

When I first visited Canary Wharf in the early 1990s, I was struck by a set of black-and-white posters in…