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16 March 2019

It’s not over yet

Extending Brexit could revive May’s deal


The Spectator's Notes

Leadership requires imagination, but Theresa May has never displayed any

I had forgotten, until I checked this week, that Mrs May timed the general election of June 2017 in order…


How bad is the Democrats' anti-Semitism problem?

 Washington, DC Republican strategists have long complained about how, every election, the Democrats mobilise minority groups against them. Now they’re…

Rod Liddle

Why I’ve joined the SDP (and why you should, too)

I was down the pub with my wife last week, out in the tiny smoking section, when a woman with…

Matthew Parris

What you learn standing on a street corner in Beirut

A pale sun had emerged from wintry clouds and the hillsides were topped snowy white. But all around me was…

Lionel Shriver

Forgive the IRA and we must forgive the Bloody Sunday soldiers too

In my 2010 short story ‘Prepositions’, a woman has lost her husband not in 9/11 but on 9/11 — when…

Any other business

What shares would a post-Brexit ‘Optimist Fund’ include?

The nation certainly needs optimism this week, so what better moment to start building our ‘UK Optimist Fund’ of shares…