The Spectator

19 January 2019

The rebel alliance

Backbench MPs want to take back control of Brexit. Will they succeed?


The Spectator's Notes

In defence of unicorns

The scale of the government’s defeat on Mrs May’s deal is, as everyone keeps saying, amazing — yet also not.…


It’s Salmond vs Sturgeon – and whoever wins, the SNP loses

Amid the wreckage of a Brexit process that has disrupted every aspect of British political life, it is easy to…

Rod Liddle

On Nobel Prize winners and Mastermind losers

I once worked my way through two whole books of IQ tests devised by Hans Eysenck and by the time…

Matthew Parris

Leavers have just killed the best chance of Brexit ever happening

When intelligent, informed and rational people make a choice that onlookers can see confounds their own declared interests, we are…

Lionel Shriver

Why do authors have to be ‘moral’? Because their publishing contracts tell them so

Suppose you’re a writer with a self-destructive proclivity for sticking your neck out. Would you sign a book contract that…

Any other business

An energy crisis is looming – but ministers are distracted by Brexit

Transfixed as you were by Westminster chaos, did you also spot the news that Hitachi is about to cancel or…