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20 July 2019

Watson’s new plot

The Labour leader may about to be floored

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The Spectator's Notes

What would Jane Austen say about Debrett's going digital?

Seventy-five years ago on Saturday, the July plot failed. Claus Schenk Graf von Stauffenberg placed a bomb in a briefcase…


Will ‘chairman Boris’ revive cabinet government?

It has become something of a tradition in British politics: an incoming prime minister promises to restore proper cabinet government.…

Rod Liddle

The ethnicity pay gap just doesn’t add up

I suppose it was a bit naive to wander on to Newsnight having been booked to talk about Brexit and…

Matthew Parris

We Remainers aren’t going away

My voice is often recognised by people who don’t know me. My face, which is unmemorable, less so. But once…

Lionel Shriver

The best response to hate speech is free speech

There’s a broad mainstream consensus on both sides of the Atlantic: Trump’s tweet telling four hard-left minority Congresswomen to ‘go…

Any other business

Should we all be alarmed by Boris?

Back when Boris Johnson was editor of this magazine and MP for Henley, I was with him at a Tory…