The Spectator

10 November 2018

Deal or no deal?

Both of Theresa May’s choices are unpalatable


High life

Trump has driven the American media mad

New York   An old-fashioned party is a gathering of friends invited by the host or hostess, who foots the…

Low life

The perils of smoking three-year-old Glaswegian skunk

A recent experiment ensures I’ll never try it again

Real life

The NHS is teaching me how to stand properly

My time at a Calf Stretching Education Group

The turf

Why racing will miss Luca Cumani

Grace and determination characterise this legendary Italian trainer who is more English than the English



This autumn has been the busiest (bridge-wise) I can remember. It started with the Crockfords final at the beginning of…

Spectator Wine

Wine Club 10 November

Esme Johnstone, that crafty old fox at the helm of From Vineyards Direct, has been at it again. He slipped…


Nos morituri

Magnus Carlsen and Fabiano Caruana, those two gladiators of the mind, will duel in London during the remainder of this…

Chess puzzle

no. 531

White to play. This is from Carlsen-Caruana, Bilbao 2012. Black has blundered right out of the opening. How did Carlsen…



In Competition No. 3073 you were invited to submit a short story in the Gothic style with a topical twist.…


2384: Bang!

Unclued lights, singly or correctly paired, are of a kind, as given in Chambers. Ignore one apostrophe.   Across 5   …

Crossword solution

to 2381: Step changes

The word ladder connecting UNITED and STATES goes: UNITES (1D), URITES (18), WRITES (7D), WHITES (34), WHILES (30A), WHALES (7A),…

No sacred cows

Roger Scruton becomes the latest victim of the Twitchfork mob

‘Once identified as right-wing you are beyond the pale of argument,’ wrote Sir Roger Scruton. ‘Your views are irrelevant, your…

The Wiki Man

Sending more people to uni isn’t the answer

Imagine a world where employers judged applicants solely on their dress. Anyone in frayed clothes or scuffed shoes would never…

Dear Mary

Dear Mary: What can I do about loud train snorers?

Q. At every drinks party one will be in mid-conversation with another guest and someone will walk over and loiter…


How violence in France led to the creation of London’s Courtauld Gallery

Darkness, but not the blanket of the dark. This was a sinister darkness, beset by smoke and flames, by the…

Mind your language

At sixes and sevens about seven and six

Someone on the wireless was talking about marrying in the Liberty of Newgate before the Marriage Act of 1753, and…

The Best of Coffee House

The ECHR’s ruling on defaming Mohammed is bad news for Muslims

In a monumental irony, the ECHR’s agreement with an Austrian court that offensive comments about the Prophet Mohammed were ‘beyond…

The Best of Coffee House

Life after No. 10 is not what David Cameron was hoping for

It can be cruel, the way politics plays out. At the very moment George Osborne was telling the bemused staff…

The Best of Coffee House

What the rise of the Poppy refusenik tells us about Britain

Is there anyone smugger than the poppy refusenik? I don’t mean people who don’t wear poppies. That’s absolutely fine. Knock…