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21 July 2018

The rehabilitation of Assad

He’s back – with Russia’s army and America’s blessing

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May’s Brexit plan has failed. She needs a new one – and fast

Handling Brexit was never going to be easy for Theresa May, given that the Tories have been fighting a civil…

Portrait of the week

Portrait of the Week: Brexit votes and Trump’s double negatives

Home The administration of Theresa May, the Prime Minister, staggered on, as Conservative MPs exchanged angry words in the Commons,…


What Uber rides taught me about immigration

It was blessedly cool inside the Romanesque nave, its massive arches resisting the heat as they had done everything else…


Why is the Trump balloon known as a ‘blimp’?

Blimpish beginnings Protesters flew a ‘blimp’ depicting President Trump as a baby in central London. Why are balloons known as…

Ancient and modern

Strangers and brothers

Everyone talks about the importance of ‘charisma’ in a politician. But while it may take one a long way with…


Are Remainers to blame for this mess – or is Brexit impossible?

Remainers are to blame Sir: I was intrigued by the parallel drawn by an ally of Michael Gove’s in James…