The Spectator

17 March 2018

Putin’s poison

Russia’s lying leader aims to convince the gullible that there is no such thing as truth

The Week

Leading article

A dangerous silence over Telford

Whenever a Hollywood actress complains about some lecherous man, there’s blanket coverage. Even our MPs feel the need to tut.…


California is the unexpected antidote to censorious liberalism

Also in Douglas Murray’s Diary: Silicon Valley’s first wave of dissidents; my Rod Liddle nightmare

Ancient and modern

Kim Jong-un’s unwise offer

The North Korean leader could learn lots about making deals with mighty empires from the example of Judah Maccabee


Sorry Rod Liddle, we may not want more immigrants but we still need them

Also in Letters: Sunderland’s bureaucracy is more bloated than the EU’s; London’s armed drug gangs