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Ayaan Hirsi Ali: I Call It Criminal Race Theory

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In this week’s edition of The Green Room, Deputy Editor of The Spectator World edition Dominic Green meets human rights activist, campaigner for classical liberal values, research fellow, founder of the AHA foundation and prolific author Ayaan Hirsi Ali, for a chat about her article in the new edition of The Spectator World edition. In it, she examines the perceived flaws in Western civilisation today, the toxic creep of those who push for a totalitarian ‘woke’ agenda and reflects on how tertiary education in the US is in danger of smothering students with critical race theory. ‘You have to drill down on what it is the woke want. They want to dictate what you eat and don’t eat. They want to dictate who you fraternise with or what your children are learning at school. They’re very totalitarian in their approach and they’re punitive. I think it’s a self-defeating cause and very soon they’re going to be smashed up’

A former politician in the Netherlands, Hirsi Ali has written several books including Infidel (2007); Nomad (2010); Heretic (2015); and The Challenge of Dawa (2017). Her newest book Prey is available now.

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