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Could the Cabinet save Boris’s premiership?

12 min listen

Despite a torrid time for the Prime Minister’s popularity over the last few months, there may be a political revival on the horizon. His decision not to lockdown over the Omicron variant seems to have paid off and won back some of the support from his party. But will the Johnson project end up a failure?

A lot of the Prime Minister’s future rests on the people who work closest him. On the podcast, Fraser Nelson points to the high turnover of staff at No.10 that has been destabilising, especially for someone who usually builds a strong support system around him.

‘This is a sign, the high turnover of staff suggests a dysfunctional No.10 which isn’t capable of making decent high-quality decisions’ – Fraser Nelson

Also on the podcast, can the success of the booster campaign help Boris Johnson try to win back some of the government’s lost reputation for competence?
All to be discussed as Cindy Yu speaks to James Forsyth and Fraser Nelson.


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