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Is Boris to blame for No.10’s party culture?

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It's been revealed that two more parties door place at No.10 during the pandemic. This time, a lockdown party happened on the eve of Prince Philip's funeral. Whilst the Prime Minister was not at this particular event, is this No.10 'party culture' coming straight from the top?

As Tory associations are beginning their campaigns for May's local elections. How might this series of scandals swing the voters? And how should the local councillors prepare themselves for an onslaught of criticism when canvassing?

'YouGov polls show that Boris Johnson is now more unpopular than Theresa May as PM and is closing in of Corbyn’s lowest points' - Katy Balls.

Also on the podcast. Who’s Christine Lee? Reports reveal a Chinese agent has infiltrated Parliament acting as a lobbyist who has been handing out donations to various politicians. Barry Gardiner MP, for whom her son worked, received more than £500,000 from Christine Lee over a period of six years.

Max Jeffery is joined by Katy Balls and James Forsyth.