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Is the privileges committee a kangaroo court?

11 min listen

After an eight-day world tour, Boris Johnson is back on British soil to face Tory MPs for the first time since the two by-election defeats. Meanwhile, the privileges committee begins with Harriet Harman as its chair.
Critics have suggested this inquiry into whether the Prime Minister misled parliament over partygate risks becoming a ‘kangaroo court’. Will this allow Downing Street to disregard the outcome of the inquiry?

Also on the podcast, food tariffs might be cut in order to curb the cost of living crisis. But what difference will this make?

‘You’ll have to eat an awful lot of olives for this to make a difference’ – James Forsyth.

Cindy Yu is joined by James Forsyth and Katy Balls.

Produced by Natasha Feroze.


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