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The green revolution: how technological advancements can level up Britain sustainably

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The UK was the first major economy to set a net-zero carbon emission target. But our work is cut out for us: 23 million homes fuelled by natural gas will need upgrading, while nearly 98% of vehicles on UK roads are still powered by petrol or diesel. Reaching net-zero will require big changes, but will also need to sustain our standards of living and quality of life.

As we make this transition, and start to recover from the economic damage Covid-19 has inflicted upon the world, we have the opportunity to merge the levelling up agenda with green solutions and advancements. While the government has yet to establish a clear plan to achieve net-zero by 2050 goal, it’s clear that new technology, such as greenhouse gas removal technologies, will need to play a role in leading the charge to carbon neutrality.

Join Kate Andrews and a panel of special guests for a discussion on how new forms of energy and technology can bring together levelling-up, net-zero and the Covid recovery. This episode is an edited version of the live panel discussion at The Spectator‘s Alternative Conference.

With Andrew Griffith MP, Dr Jonathan Marshall, Emma Pinchbeck and Will Gardiner.

Sponsored by Drax.


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