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Trump II: Back with a Vengeance

47 min listen

On the podcast: what would Trump’s second term look like? 

Vengeance is a lifelong theme of Donald Trump’s, writes Freddy Gray in this week’s cover story – and this year’s presidential election could provide his most delectable payback of all. Meanwhile, Kate Andrews writes that Nikki Haley’s campaign is over – and with it went the hopes of the Never Trump movement. Where did it all go wrong? They both join the podcast to discuss what to expect from Trump’s second coming. (03:11)

Then: Will and Gus take us through some of their favourite pieces from the magazine, including Michael Hann’s Pop review and Cosmo Landesman’s City Life column. (16:38)

Next: Flora Watkins writes in The Spectator about on private schools. She discusses how she is taking her kids out of private school, partly because of a rise in school fees brought about by inflation and the cost of living and partly in anticipation of Labour imposing VAT on school fees. To debate, Julie Robinson – general secretary of the Independent Schools Council – and Fiona Millar – former education advisor to Tony Blair – join the podcast. (20:36)

And finally: the rise of organised shoplifting.

Shoplifting is on the increase, writes Harriet Sergeant, not because of struggling Britons, but because of organised criminals trafficking children, too young to be charged, from around Europe to steal from British shops. They view the UK as poorly policed but rich; the perfect place for stealing goods to sell on quickly. Harriet joins the podcast alongside Xander Cloudsley, a shoplifting activist from the organisation This Is Rigged. (31:36)

Hosted by William Moore and Gus Carter. 

Produced by Oscar Edmondson. 

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