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What happens if Starmer loses Batley and Spen?

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Reports emerged overnight that Angela Rayner's allies are ready to mount a leadership challenge if Keir Starmer loses Batley and Spen tomorrow. What will happen if the Tories win another Labour heartland seat? James Forsyth speaks to Katy Balls.

On the podcast, Katy says there are similarities between Starmer and former prime minister Theresa May after the 2017 election. Katy says: 'Authority is slowly draining away from them. They cannot move the top team in the way they wanted to - Angela Rayner is someone who has more authority as a result of Starmer's reshuffle rather than less.'

James says the problem could've been avoided if Labour chose not to let Tracey Brabin stand to be West Yorkshire mayor. James says: 'They could've avoided all of this by just saying to Tracey Brabin, who is not a former cabinet minister who's uncontrollable: "please don't do this".'