How to listen to The Spectator's podcasts

If you’re new to podcasts, it can be hard to navigate this world. But The Spectator’s handy guide hopes to make it a little easier.

Podcasts are like radio programmes, but on demand. Think Netflix, but instead of TV shows and films, you can bring up your favourite audio programmes whenever you want to listen to them.

The Spectator produces our own podcasts with some of our best writers talking to leading names in politics, literature, religion, culture – and more. Find out more about our programmes and how to listen to them below.

Listen using a mobile app

Most people listen to podcasts through a free podcast app on their phone. If you have an Apple phone, this is an in-built app called ‘Podcasts’ that looks like this:

Apple Podcast Icon

If you don’t have an Apple phone, you may have to download a podcast app from your phone’s app store. Some of the most easy to use apps out there (which are also free) are RadioPublic, Castbox, and Podbean.

Once you are in the app, simply search for the podcast that you would like to listen to. Find out more about The Spectator’s podcasts here.

Listen on

At, you will find our eight different podcasts. For a few podcasts – like The Spectator Podcast, Spectator Books, and Holy Smoke – clicking through will take you to blogs of each episode, within which you will find an embedded podcast player like this:

Clicking on the white triangle in the bottom left plays the podcast while you stay on the blog. Plug in your headphones, and enjoy.

For our other podcasts, clicking through will take you to Audioboom, our podcast platform. Simply click on the episode you would like to hear, and play by clicking the white triangle in the centre of each episode.

Audioboom podcast