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Donald Trump gives Charlotte Church an offer she can refuse

As Donald Trump’s inauguration draws near, the race is on to find musicians to perform at the event. While Barack Obama had a long list of artists lining up to perform at his, Hollywood is yet to take a shine to the president-elect. In fact things have got so bad that Trump’s team have reportedly now asked Charlotte Church to perform: @realDonaldTrump Your staff have asked me to sing at your inauguration, a simple Internet search would show I think you're a tyrant. Bye💩💩💩💩 — Charlotte Church (@charlottechurch) January 10, 2017 The classical-singer-turned-Corbynista-turned-prossecco-socialist has turned down his offer on the grounds that she thinks he is ‘a tyrant’. However, given

Charlotte Church gives up on Corbyn

Oh dear. Since Jeremy Corbyn first announced he would run to be Labour leader, Charlotte Church has been one of his loudest cheerleaders. The self-proclaimed ‘prosecco socialist‘ has regularly praised the ‘inherently virtuous’ politician — even taking to the streets to protest at Tory conference. However, times are now a’changin. Over a year on from Corbyn’s election and with Labour at a seven-year low in the polls, Church is having second thoughts. In an interview with the New Statesman, the singer says that she no longer thinks Corbyn is the right person to be Labour leader: ‘I think he can’t win. The best thing for him to do is to train somebody up under him,

Out – and not proud

‘Many people are mourning,’ said Sam West on a BBC panel show discussing the response of the arts world to Brexit. According to West’s figures, ‘96 per cent of those polled were for Remain. Collaboration and connection are our bread and butter.’ The atmosphere of bitterness and anger was palpable at the Edinburgh Festival. I spent four days immersed in comedy shows and I heard only one pro-Brexit gag. The excellent Geoff Norcott said he was puzzled to meet Remainers who told him the result had been swung by ‘thick’ Leave voters. ‘Thick?’ he said. ‘The Remain campaign waited until after 23 June to stage their street protest.’ Lloyd Evans

Look away Corbyn! Charlotte Church trades Labour for Plaid Cymru in Welsh Assembly elections

Although Charlotte Church is seen to be a die-hard Corbynista — previously speaking at rallies to support the Labour leader — it appears that the prosecco-socialist is beginning to have second thoughts about Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour. Rather than vote for Corbyn’s beloved Labour in today’s Welsh Assembly elections, Church has tweeted to say that she is backing Leanne Wood’s Plaid Cymru. @Plaid_Cymru all the way for me today!!! — Charlotte Church (@charlottechurch) May 5, 2016 She has since defended her decision not to support Welsh Labour’s Carwyn Jones, claiming that those who describe this as a defection don’t understand Welsh politics. ITS THE WELSH ASSEMBLY ELECTIONS!!!!! CARWYN JONES IS LEADER OF WELSH LABOUR NOT CORBYN!!!! I

Welcome to Luvvie Island: a haven for virtue-signalling celebrities

It was six months ago this week when Nicola Sturgeon heroically admitted she’d be ‘happy’ to have a refugee move into her detached Glasgow home. That same rousing week last September, we were treated to the vision of Yvette Cooper ‘bravely’ holding up a piece of A4 paper with #refugeeswelcome scrawled on it. As he’s wont to do, Bob Geldof went one further, offering to put up three families in his pile in Kent and another in his London flat. Yet, to date, it seems that not a single refugee has been welcomed through the Chunnel and made it to Nicola’s nest, Casa Cooper or either of Geldoff’s gaffs. One wonders, why

Tory abortions, spitting and the c-word: comedians let rip at People’s Assembly event

This morning Charlotte Church apologised on behalf of the People’s Assembly to a reporter who was spat at by protesters outside Tory conference in Manchester. The classical-singer-turned-activist says that she will pen an open letter explaining that this is not representative of what the People’s Assembly protests are about. However, she may want to save space in the letter for an extra paragraph or two covering last night’s People’s Assembly comedy night, titled ‘laugh them out of town’. Frankie Boyle, Sara Pascoe, Robin Ince and Francesca Martinez joined forces at the Manchester Academy for a night of ‘jokes’ at the expense of the Tories. The very mention of Jeremy Corbyn at

Charlotte Church feels the heat on Question Time

Last night’s episode of Question Time saw David Dimbleby relocate to Cardiff to join Charlotte Church, Charles Moore, Stephen Crabb, Labour’s Stephen Kinnock and Plaid Cymru’s Leanne Wood for a Welsh debate. While questions were raised about the future of Plaid Cymru after a lacklustre election result, the first topic on the agenda touched on whether Jeremy Corbyn could still be Prime Minister now he has said that he would never, ever use a nuclear weapon. With Kinnock struggling to defend Corbyn’s comments while also sticking to his own views supporting nuclear weapons as a deterrent, it fell to Corbynista Church to praise the Labour leader’s comments as ‘commendable’: ‘I think that it’s commendable. I think that if nuclear warfare

Charlotte Church takes #piggate to Tory conference

With yet more allegations concerning David Cameron published today as part of the Daily Mail‘s serialisation of Lord Ashcroft’s Call Me Dave, the Prime Minister will be hoping that ‘piggate‘ will soon be all but a distant memory to most. Alas, while the press feast on fresh revelations that Cameron once allegedly said that he was born with not one, but two silver spoons in his mouth, next month’s Tory conference is expected to put pig firmly back on the news agenda. Anti-Tory activists are planning to wear pig masks as they protest outside the conference. Organisers at the People’s Assembly Against Austerity have even shared a link with protesters which

‘Prosecco socialist’ Charlotte Church backs Jeremy Corbyn

As Jeremy Corbyn edges closer to victory in the Labour leadership race, his critics grow more vocal with both Tony Blair and John McTernan attempting to thwart his campaign this week. However, for all the naysayers, Corbyn is at least managing to slowly amass a celebrity fan club. After Steerpike reported that the Silk actress Maxine Peake had got behind the Corbyn campaign, classical singer turned ‘prosecco socialist’ Charlotte Church has voiced her support for the leadership hopeful. Church – who attended the VIP area of an anti austerity march with Russell Brand after the election – has written a blog in support of Corbyn. Eloquently titled ‘T-O-N-Y! You Ain’t

Charlotte Church to be reunited with David Cameron at this year’s Tory conference

In 2012 Charlotte Church met with David Cameron at the Conservative Party Conference as part of a Hacked Off fringe event. Although the meeting appeared to be civil at the time, the classical singer turned anti-austerity activist later said he came across as ‘gross and really misogynistic’: ‘He was so dismissive to what I had to say. It just really irked me that whole situation.’ Now three years on, Steerpike understands that the pair will have the chance for a reunion at this year’s Tory conference, which is to be held in Manchester in October. Church announced during a debate over the weekend that she is set to appear there as

David Cameron takes centre stage at Glastonbury

David Cameron’s former director of strategy Steve Hilton recently wrote in The Spectator that Glastonbury is not merely a ‘left-wing utopia’, arguing that it operates in accordance with conservative principles. Mr S, who attended the festival this weekend, suspects Hilton may need to rethink this theory. As Natalie Bennett, Ken Livingstone and Charlotte Church took to the stage to preach their anti-austerity message, David Cameron made his own appearance in Shangri Hell, the festival’s main after-hours party area. The Prime Minister had the dubious honour of having his voice played on speakers in the party section, which was covered in political posters about the dangers of cuts.  Somewhat predictably the Tories

Ed Miliband is subject of ridicule in new song

After anti-austerity protesters turned on Russell Brand for endorsing Labour at a protest on Saturday, it was only a matter of time til Ed Miliband faced a similar backlash over his party’s defeat. Alas for Miliband, his takes musical form. Sleaford Mods – the working class mod band – have attacked the former Labour leader in their new album, with the song In Quiet Streets: ‘Miliband got hit with the ugly stick, not that it matters. The chirping c–t obviously wants the country in tatters’ Boris Johnson is also in their firing line with the song Rupert Trousers inspired by his speech at last year’s party conference, where he used a brick to demonstrate

A trip to Greece might make Charlotte Church fear national debt

It is amazing what some people are willing to listen to on a Saturday.  I have just watched Charlotte Church’s speech to the small fringe of ‘anti-austerity’ activists in Westminster at the weekend. And my reaction is very much ‘Coo!’  Of course I knew how humourless this portion of the left can be, with their beliefs that Ukip is a ‘fascist’ party and that the current government is secretly selling off all schools and hospitals.  But even I didn’t think that they would wish to spend their weekends hearing lectures on David Cameron’s ‘neo-liberal vernacular’ from Charlotte Church.  Yes, she actually used that phrase in her speech. Highlighting one of the problems of the


Charlotte Church takes her anti-austerity message to Glastonbury

Last week festival goers were disappointed to learn that Foo Fighters had cancelled their headline slot at Glastonbury. While bookies were quick to offer odds on the different musical giants who could take their place at the music festival which takes places this weekend, the organisers ended up simply moving Florence and the Machine, who were already performing at the festival, up to the headline slot. However, fans who were keen for a new act can at least take heart that another artist has been added to the line-up. Step forward Charlotte Church. The classical singer turned anti-austerity ‘prosecco socialist‘ will now appear at the festival on Sunday in a Left Field debate to

George Osborne must implement Charlotte Church tax reforms – and urgently

As the Chancellor prepares his post-election Budget, he faces an obvious opportunity. Throughout the last general election campaign, we heard from a great many people advocating higher taxes. And it’s not all vindictive: many, like the writer Polly Toynbee, would actually be liable for a higher tax on the 1pc. A significant number of wealthy people in Britain do actually want to give the government more of their money and at present, there is no easy way for them to do so. Strikingly the singer, Charlotte Church, recently declared that: “I have paid all my tax since I was 12 years old, and I would certainly be happy if the rate was 60 per