The delicious schadenfreude of Burning Man

If any readers are having those September, back-to-work blues perhaps I might offer them a sure-fire palliative? Just go online and watch videos of this year’s Burning Man. For anyone who doesn’t know, Burning Man is a week-long festival of music and ‘self-expression’ which takes place in the Nevada desert. It is especially popular among libertarians and Silicon Valley types. Think Glastonbury, if you must. Like the Somerset atrocity, it is a place where people pay huge sums of money to take drugs and imagine that they have had some unique insight into the world. Often they come away believing that if only all of life could be like this,

The best autumn festivals to book ahead for

There is no denying that we’ve been starved of our usual festival fix this summer. Although many have managed to go ahead, we’ve missed out on some usual favourites, such as Glastonbury, Boomtown, WOMAD, Cropredy and more. It seems fitting, therefore, to look ahead to this autumn, when many festivals that have previously looked unlikely have been rescheduled to, or when other festivals will manage to go ahead without many of the restrictive social distancing rules that we’ve become so used to. There will be slight changes to many festivals this year – many event organisers have limited ticket numbers and ensured that small tents are spaced further apart, for example,