Gina miller

‘We need to start the road to rejoin’: Gina Miller on Brexit, farmers and her ambitious plans for Epsom

Gina Miller is trying to convince me that she understands why I voted Brexit. The woman who went to the High Court in 2016 to effectively try to cancel my vote by insisting the EU referendum result be referred back to a Remain-dominated parliament, plunging Brexit into years of legal and parliamentary wrangling, says she feels my pain and always has. How can this be? Well, maybe it’s just the magic of politics. ‘My case was not to do with Brexit. It was to do with parliament’ Ms Miller is attempting to turn her single-issue, referendum-wrecking fame into a broader platform, by standing in leafy Epsom and Ewell as one

A must-see for Westminster obsessives: Riverside Studios’ Bloody Difficult Women reviewed

Bloody Difficult Women is a documentary drama by the popular journalist Tim Walker, which looks at the similarities between Gina Miller and Theresa May. It’s well known that Walker detests our current prime minister and he refuses even to allow the Johnson name to sully his script. So although Boris was a key player in the story, he doesn’t appear on stage. Nor does May’s husband, Philip. And her influential advisers, Nick Timothy and Fiona Hill, are omitted too. Their names are mentioned constantly but we never meet them as characters. Slightly frustrating. May herself comes across as weak, secretive and limited. Plainly she was never suited to high office.

Gina Miller’s party flop

Political parties are very much in vogue at the moment so naturally Gina Miller had to get in on the act. Steerpike’s favourite millionaire barrister has launched her long-awaited centrist initiative this morning, hailing the advent of the ‘True and Fair party’ before an audience of just, er, thirteen people – unlucky for some. Mr S is no political scientist but the fact he knew 30 per cent of the attendee list personally would suggest the project doesn’t exactly scream ‘mass membership movement.’ Will Miller be suing those who didn’t turn up? By way of comparison, around 40 people are reported to have attended Boris Johnson’s drinks in May 2020 meaning