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How No. 10 outsmarted Alastair Campbell

LBC broadcaster Iain Dale has moved his Edinburgh Festival ‘All Talk’ series to Zoom, and yesterday he spoke to Alastair Campbell – the two clashed from the start. The former spin-doctor was seated in a strange, beige-tinted room which looked like a sauna. Dale asked where Campbell was, doubtless knowing that he likes to spend the summer holidays in the south of France. I’m enjoying the last few months of the UK being part of [what is] probably the greatest peace-keeping institution on the planet. Dale facetiously responded to Campbell, ‘Oh. You’re in Nato’. Asking about his support for the People’s Vote campaign and attempts to thwart Brexit, Campbell said

Watch: Iain Dale storms off Good Morning Britain after clash with Corbynista

Iain Dale was joined this morning by Corbynista Grace Blakeley on Good Morning Britain. The pair were there to discuss reports that an autistic teenager who threw a young boy off the Tate Modern’s viewing platform had warned his carers beforehand that he planned to push someone off a building in London. Blakeley of Tribune magazine began by laying the blame squarely at the feet of austerity and the reduced budgets of local councils, who have less money for mental health services. It took LBC’s Iain Dale to point out though that human error and poor judgment might be more to blame in this case, considering the attacker had seemingly