Sam harris

12 thinkers to discover online this year

Now that we’re all stuck at home with our devices the temptation is to succumb to a vortex of internet clickbait in the vain hope that it will distract us until lockdown ends. But resist the allure of that cat video if you can and instead discover the rich seam of documentaries, lectures and long-form discussions with some of the world’s leading thinkers. Here’s a selection of mind-expanding podcasts and YouTube channels to discover in 2021. Making Sense with Sam Harris Join renowned neuroscientist, philosopher and New York Times best selling author Sam Harris as he explores the intricacies of the human mind along with in depth discussions about society, moral philosophy, religion and current

The genius of Joe Rogan

Last month, just before coronavirus conquered the airwaves entirely, millions of Americans gave up two hours to hear a professor of epidemiology discuss the emerging pandemic. Despite its huge reach, not to mention its quality, the interview wasn’t broadcast on any of the news networks. Rather it was the work of a former martial-arts pundit and hallucinogenic-drug enthusiast who also happens to be one of America’s most popular — and influential — podcasters. Although it racks up some 190 million downloads a month, The Joe Rogan Experience tends to fly somewhat under the cultural radar — particularly in Britain. Even worse, his brash style and predominantly male fan base means