Spectator debate

How London nearly killed me

29 October 2016 9:00 am

I was not on the winning side of the debate, despite giving it the old college try. Thank god for…

Theodore Dalrymple

Should we be threatening cocaine addicts with execution?

28 November 2013 1:50 pm

When Mao Tse-tung threatened to execute them, 20 million opium addicts gave up

Trinny Woodall

Trinny Woodall: how I became a cocaine addict — and how I beat it

28 November 2013 1:50 pm

I’m Trinny, I’m an alcoholic and I’m an addict. When asked whether addiction is a disease, I didn’t have to…

Spectator Debate: ‘Taxpayers’ money should not fund faith schools

23 October 2010 12:00 am

Ninja Turtles were the first witnesses at last week’s Spectator debate.