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Watch: Tory MP slams Beeb’s lack of flags

BBC Director General Tim Davie was grilled today by the Commons public accounts committee and for Tory MP James Wild there was one item top of his agenda: flags. It follows last week’s sniggering incident in which two BBC breakfast presenters appeared to poke fun at Robert Jenrick’s Union Jack. Wild asked Davie: ‘In your own report last year of 268 pages, do you know how many union flags were pictured in any of the graphics?’ to which the BBC man replied: ‘In all the briefings I got for this meeting, that was not one of them’ prompting Wild’s answer: ‘Zero.’ Wild went on: ‘Maybe in the annual report for this year

Watch: BBC presenters mock minister’s Union Jack

The BBC is attempting today to break out of its London-centric mindset. The new Director General Tim Davie told BBC staff in a call this morning that the corporation will move 400 jobs out of the capital, and promised to make programmes that are more relevant to people who live outside the M25. Mr S wonders though if simply sending BBC staff up north will be enough, if BBC Breakfast (which broadcasts from Salford) was anything to go by this morning. On the show, housing secretary Robert Jenrick was interviewed by BBC presenters, who ended the segment by sniggering at the minister’s Union Jack in the background of his office and