The EU Poll Report
Sebastian Kurz, 31, the youngest national leader in the world

Young, dynamic – and a pragmatist: meet Sebastian Kurz

Austria’s new Chancellor is taking an interesting approach to the country’s populist party: tame them by inviting them into government

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United we fall: a European army is a really bad idea

Who would be in charge? What would they be fighting for – and in what language? This is an idea doomed to failure, says an Iraq war veteran

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Brexit, immigration, future prosperity: the view from abroad

The Project 28 annual survey of attitudes across Europe shows up a lot that is different – and much that is the same in the member states

Refugees crowded onto a wooden boat off the coast of Libya in February 2017.

Why do politicians refuse to tell it how it is on immigration?

It is the one issue where our leaders deny the wishes of their citizens. They must find the courage to say the unsayable

Breaking up is always hard to do and Brexit is no different

We are at a tricky stage in divorce proceedings but this will pass and once it’s over we’ll be in a better place