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Welcome to the Spectator Wine Club.


Our seven merchant partners represent the cream of the UK’s independents, boasting an astonishing 950 years’ experience between them.


It works like this: Jonathan Ray tastes a range of twenty plus wines, whittles them down to six and then we offer them to our readers every fortnight at a discount.


We like to think that there is no better place to buy wine. Why not try it and see you for yourself?


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Drink with Bruce Anderson

Red meat and red wine: the ideal way to spend the first Sunday of Lent

Life is far too important to be taken seriously. At least, that was the conclusion which we meandered towards as…

14 Mar 2019

Twenty years on, the Walbrook is still an enchantment

Early last century, an impoverished youth emerged from the East End. Able and hard-working, he discovered — as many had…

2 Mar 2019

Only the south offers beer lovers a decent pint

We were discussing beer. It is a cheerful subject so I made an appropriate point. In recent years, the quality…

16 Feb 2019

Is wine an art?

Acouple of lawyers were disagreeing about a matter which could become increasingly relevant. Could a sitting president pardon himself? But…

2 Feb 2019

Forget Dry January – if there was ever a month to drink, this is it

January really is the cruellest month. No wonder some fortunate friends have dodged the column of dreary weather and short…

19 Jan 2019

Barolo, the only comfort in a world full of chaos

It appeared to be an uneven contest. A few friends were meeting for a festive wine-tasting, to compare and contrast…

5 Jan 2019
Jonathan Ray

Glorious Clarets in Large Formats, Ideal for Christmas

You will have read, I’m sure, our Low Life correspondent’s account of the recent Spectator claret and clay pigeon shoot…

Alcohol Consumption

Broadcaster Adrian Chiles has got us all clutching our livers in alarm (if we can find them: Chiles thought his…

Hamilton Russell Offer

In the first of a series of very special offers, our drinks editor Jonathan Ray here describes our recent Spectator…

Pimm’s No.6.

Well, that’s Wimbledon done and dusted for another year. All hail King Roger! It’s been a great tournament with much…