Freddy Gray

Freddy Gray

Freddy Gray is deputy editor of The Spectator

Fox News’s ‘silent ban’ on Donald Trump

It’s by now well-established that Fox News, the American media behemoth, is no longer on the Trump Train. Trumpworld’s union with Foxworld was never altogether easy and, ever since that fateful election in November 2020, it has fallen apart. Trumpists despise Fox for, as many see it, helping Joe Biden steal the election. And the

Joe Biden’s long history in Ukraine

It was only a matter of time before Joe Biden made a ‘surprise’ visit to Kiev. In the year since Russia’s attack on Ukraine, the choreographed walkabout with Volodymyr Zelensky has become the must-do photo-op for western global leaders. It’s the 21st century equivalent of an audience with the Pope – a symbolic news happening

Does race trump merit in America?

50 min listen

Heather Mac Donald joins Freddy Gray for this week’s Americano podcast. Heather is a fellow at the Manhattan Institute and author of the book When Race Trumps Merit. Heather breaks down what she describes as a ‘regressive equity epidemic’ in which race overtakes merit in almost all areas of society. 

Who will win the Super Bowl?

12 min listen

Freddy Gray speaks to former Ambassador to the UK and owner of the Jets football club Woody Johnson about the rising success of the NFL in Britain; who will win the Superbowl and his own team the Jets. 

Joe Biden does America First

‘There have been so many accomplishments under this administration, it can be difficult to list them in a distilled way.’ So said Pete Buttigieg, America’s Transportation Secretary, last weekend, when asked why Americans don’t share the White House’s sense that President Joe Biden is doing a brilliant job. Well, in his second State of the

Will Biden’s docudrama fade away?

31 min listen

Freddy Gray speaks to Charles Lipson, a political scientist at the University of Chicago and regular contributor at Spectator World about Biden’s ongoing docudrama. Image designed by Charles Lipson.

What is America doing in Ukraine?

51 min listen

Freddy Gray speaks to Professor John Mearsheimer, an American political scientist and international relations scholar about America’s foreign policy on the war in Ukraine.  Produced by Natasha Feroze

The truth about Joe Biden’s toxic docs? That’s classified!

If Britain’s great flaw is the class system, America’s might be its obsession with classifying official information. There’s a reason ‘that’s classified, sir’ is a stock phrase in so many Hollywood films. Americans tend to revere elite secrecy in the same way British snobs worship aristocracy. You can own lots of land in America and

Sorry, folks, Donald Trump isn’t going away

Almost all of us can recite the reasons why Donald Trump’s political career should be over. We hear them again and again. He lost the presidency in 2020 after four exhausting years. His angry fans stormed the Capitol on January 6, 2021, a now infamous day in American history. He lost his media clout after

Who do Harry and Meghan think they are?

It is quite funny that Jeremy Clarkson, having written that silly joke about the Duchess of Sussex being paraded naked through the streets, should now find himself so ritually humiliated.  Clarkson, now in danger of losing his role as a television presenter and the acceptable face of British men who like cars, has felt compelled

Is university the enemy of American progress?

48 min listen

Freddy Gray speaks to author and founder of the venture capitalist fund 1517 Michael Gibson, about his new book Paper Belt on Fire.  On the podcast they discuss the parallels between universities and the 16th century Church and how investors are spearheading a revolt against these old institutions. 

Is this the beginning of the end for Joe Biden?

Has Joe Biden suddenly outlived his usefulness? That is what many conspiracy-theory-inclined Americans are saying as the fuss mounts around the classified documents found at one of the President’s offices and his home in Delaware.   The theory goes something like this: the mid-terms are out of the way, Trump’s power is waning, and everybody in

Did Biden also illegally hoard top-secret documents?

Remember the tale of Donald Trump and the ‘illegal hoarding’ of the top-secret documents? It was only last summer. On 8 August, the FBI raided the 45th President’s home in Mar-a-Lago to seize back highly classified material. An image of the reclaimed files promptly leaked to the press. Over-excited pundits started talking about Trump’s ‘Al

Will Mexico help Biden stop illegal immigration?

27 min listen

President Biden is visiting Mexico this week to meet with President Obrador, and Prime Minister Trudeau of Canada. Biden is expected to bring up illegal immigration with Obrador, and hopes that he can offer him some way out of what is becoming a spiralling crisis. But is any help coming? Freddy Gray speaks to Todd

What’s the matter with Kevin McCarthy?

23 min listen

Kevin McCarthy’s hopes to be voted House Speaker reaches day four still without a resolution. How much will he have to concede in order to win over the Republican rebels? Freddy Gray speaks to Amber Athey, The Spectator’s Washington Editor.

Six more years: how long can Biden go on?

43 min listen

On the podcast this week:  The Spectator’s deputy editor Freddy Gray writes the cover piece looking ahead to the possibility of another 6 years of President Biden. He is joined by Amie Parnes, senior staff writer at The Hill and co-author of Lucky: How Joe Biden barley won the presidency, to discuss whether anyone can stop Biden running in

Six more years: how long can Biden go on?

The presidency of the United States is hard work, everybody knows that. It’s also a pretty sweet gig for should-be retirees. The 80-year-old Joe Biden and First Lady Jill just spent six days holidaying on St Croix in the Caribbean. Biden’s critics have been quick to point out that he has so far spent some

My debt to Pope Benedict XVI

Back in early 2019, my wife discovered that she was pregnant with our fourth child. A few weeks later, we discovered that the child, a girl, had Down Syndrome. The NHS asked if we wanted to abort her. We did not. My wife, brave and stoic, soon accepted the news as a blessing. I wanted