Fredrik Erixon

Are Sweden’s liberal laws incubating violent crime?

15 min listen

In his column for the Telegraph, Fraser Nelson says that Sweden has become a gangster’s paradise, with its liberal approach to criminal justice allowing a shocking subculture of violence. He is joined by Katy Balls and Fredrik Erixon, Swedish economist and writer, to discuss how the country should respond to gun violence.

What does Europe teach the UK about a Covid second wave?

21 min listen

As the UK seems to enter a second wave of coronavirus infections, Europe is again the guide on the trajectory of the virus and the best strategy to tackle it. But from Sweden to Belgium, which European country should we follow, and is anyone in government listening? Kate Andrews talks to Fraser Nelson and Swedish

How countries suffered from ‘the lost months’ of Covid

43 min listen

Reporter at Canada’s Globe and Mail, Robyn Doolittle, joins the panel this week to discuss what went wrong in Canada. Speaking to a series of infectious-disease experts, health officials and politicians, Robyn and her team pieced together an image of the ‘lost months’ – a period between January and March when more should have been

How the pandemic is contributing to social unrest

51 min listen

In this week’s episode, the Coronomics panel discuss Brazil’s unknown death toll, Sweden’s cautious optimism for employment, the UK’s crawl out of lockdown restrictions, and the double standards uncovered in America’s lockdown rules. Kate Andrews is joined by Fredrik Erixon in Sweden, Nick Gillespie in New York City, and Mauricio Savarese in Brazil.

Audio Reads: Fredrik Erixon, James Forsyth, and Leaf Arbuthnot

25 min listen

On this week’s Audio Reads, Swedish economist Fredrik Erixon reads his cover piece explaining how European nations are all flying blind in the pandemic. James Forsyth advocates a complete rewiring of the British state. And Leaf Arbuthnot, whose novel Looking For Eliza is released this week, extolls the joys of Zoom raves.

League of nations: guessing our way out of lockdown

38 min listen

European countries all seem to be doing something different, so what are the lessons from the continent (00:45)? Plus, how the West’s lockdown impacts the developing world in a very real way (13:05). And last, rediscovering the joy of driving on the country’s empty roads (24:55). With economist Fredrik Erixon, the Economist’s Anne McElvoy, Stanford