J. Meirion Thomas

Is it time to defund the humanities?

Much of the cost of running our universities and other centres of higher education is borne by government, meaning the taxpayer. Therefore, to reciprocate, one of the main responsibilities of these institutions should be to produce graduates who meet the needs of society. This is not to suggest that we should exclude the ‘follow your

It’s time to lift the medical student cap

Gaining a place in medical school has always been a lottery, made even more difficult for aspiring doctors this year. For those who failed to achieve their A level conditional offer grades, this will come as a hard blow and may seem grossly unfair. Some students are entitled to feel victims of the A level

Striking GPs need a reality check

GPs have voted to strike if some contract changes, including forcing practices to open on Saturdays, are not withdrawn. The doctor proposing the motion at the British Medical Association’s annual conference in Brighton urged her fellow medics to ‘channel our inner Mick Lynch‘. This analogy – and the meeting’s decision in favour of industrial action – tells us everything we need

Medical emergency: general practice is broken

In March 2020, as the health service prepared for the first Covid wave, NHS England encouraged GPs to adopt a new system called ‘total triage’. The aim was to reduce the number of patients in clinics in order to protect GPs, their staff and patients themselves from the virus. If patients hoped this system was

Jeremy Hunt stole my health tourism policy

Last week, the Department of Health announced that patients would have to produce their passport when registering for their first hospital appointment as part of the clampdown on health tourism. On 17th November 2014, I wrote the following to Mr Jeremy Hunt, Secretary of State for Health: Following a GP referral to hospital, patients are sent details of