James Innes-Smith

James Innes-Smith is the author of two books about old school entertainers, Life Is A Cabaret and Reach For The Big Time.

Matthew Lynn, Tanya Gold, James Innes-Smith

13 min listen

On this week’s episode, we’ll hear Matthew Lynn’s thoughts on how the gas shortages could lead to a very cold winter. (00:51) Then, Tanya Gold with a critical take on critics. (04:41) And finally, James Innes-Smith bigs up the bungalow. (08:58) Presented by Sam Holmes

What is Russia’s plan to unleash chaos?

39 min listen

As the long-awaited Russia report is released this week, we discuss Russia’s plan to unleash chaos (00:45). Plus, does Boris Johnson have a management problem with his new MPs? (14:30) And last, the pains of dating during lockdown (28:30). With Russia journalists Owen Matthews and Mary Dejevsky; the Spectator’s deputy political editor Katy Balls; Conservative