Jill Rutter

Will Sue Gray be running Keir Starmer’s government?

16 min listen

There is anxiety in parts of Starmer’s circle about Sue Gray appointing jobs in a Starmer-led Downing Street. When she’s in No.10 she’ll ‘be in her natural territory and running rings around everyone’, a former colleague told Katy Balls in her profile of ‘the Gray lady’ for The Spectator this week. How is Sue Gray shaking things

Could Sue Gray-gate backfire on Keir Starmer?

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The Cabinet Office has published its written statement into the resignation of Sue Gray, stating that it has given a ‘confidential assessment’ to the Advisory Committee on Business Appointments (Acoba) about whether she broke civil service rules in taking up a job from Keir Starmer while still a senior civil servant. On the episode, Cindy

Rolling in it: the return of Tory sleaze

43 min listen

Katy Balls, The Spectator’s political editor, writes about the return of Tory sleaze. She’s joined by Jill Rutter, a senior fellow at the Institute for Government, to discuss the problems piling up for Rishi Sunak and the Tories. (00:50) Also this week, security expert Mark Galeotti writes about why Europe has been reluctant to give Ukraine

The real problem is George Osborne’s attitude to budgets

The government’s reaction to Monday night’s vote on tax credits was to institute a review of the Lords’ powers. The temptation to take a swipe at those who had thwarted them is understandable. But the real problems lies less with the Lords than the way we make budgets. The day after his July budget, the