Lee Cohen

Lee Cohen, a senior fellow of the Bow Group and the Bruges Group, was adviser on Great Britain to the US House of Representatives Foreign Affairs Committee and founded the Congressional United Kingdom Caucus.

Biden’s leadership, not his health, is America’s biggest problem

Since Joe Biden’s now infamous debate performance, the Democratic party has been having palpitations about his candidacy. But all brouhaha about Biden’s decline has distracted the public from critically examining his administration’s more significant failures. Democrats now talk as if the only problem with Biden is his ability to convince the public that he’s fit

Trump’s conviction is a disaster for American democracy

Donald Trump’s trial and his conviction on 34 felony counts is disgraceful. As the legal expert and former Harvard Law professor, Alan Dershowitz, has argued, ‘the judge essentially instructed the jury to convict Trump.’ Biden’s America has shamefully crossed the Rubicon. The rule of law has been supplanted by the whims of elites and the

Dear Britain, please take Prince Harry back

In the annals of recent royal history, few narratives have unfolded with as much drama and tumult as the saga of Prince Harry’s departure from Britain. We (Americans) now find our country the official domicile of an entitled and disgruntled British Prince. Harry filed documents last week to say so. I’m already hearing rapturous cries from our British

Why Americans loved the Queen

Queen Elizabeth II, who died a year ago today, has left an unfillable void – not least for the many Americans like myself who so deeply admired Her Majesty. Though the United States rejected monarchy in 1776, Queen Elizabeth was to many of us a living reminder of the noble, just, and humane principles central

Sometimes it takes an American to appreciate the coronation

I planned my trip from Palm Beach to London almost a year ago. Nothing was going to stop me coming to the UK to celebrate the King’s coronation, the monarchy, and the Special Relationship (Britain-hating Biden notwithstanding). I arrived full of goodwill and looking forward to this historic, and truly rare spectacle. Yet I was

Even Americans are growing tired of the Sussexes

With his forthcoming memoir and surrounding publicity tours, the Duke of Sussex has passed the point of no return. He is haemorrhaging friends and goodwill on both sides of the Atlantic. In the past few days, with revelations from his memoir Spare leaking like a sieve, Harry has been denounced for his indiscreet discussion of his service in Afghanistan

Brits had their glorious Queen. What do we Americans have?

As an American who has spent his career contemplating and writing about the monarchy and the US-UK relationship, my skills were put to the test this week after the departure of Queen Elizabeth II. She leaves an unfillable void, not only in the hearts of those she represented but also for many of us beyond

Pity poor America: at least Brits can change their leader

Watching the Conservative leadership race from across the sea in America has left me both hopeful and envious. Hopeful that the Tories will select a leader who will steer Britain to a better, stronger place, and exhibit responsible global leadership to offset the void left and damage done by our catastrophe-in chief, Joe Biden. In

Joe Biden has treated Britain with disdain over Afghanistan

Congratulations, Joe. No US President has simultaneously alienated (and abandoned) so many of his compatriots or exacerbated threats to the West with such efficiency as Biden this past week. Biden defiantly sees ‘an extraordinary success’ in the chaotic and deadly withdrawal from Afghanistan, but disaster currently flows in the President’s wake. And one of the

Biden proves that Trump was a true British ally

Now that Joe Biden has landed in the UK, many Brits may be realising what a stalwart friend they had in Trump. Within minutes of arriving on UK shores, Biden was denouncing Britannia, Boris, Brexit — you name it. Far from hailing the UK, America’s most cherished ally, BIden was showing Britain a bullying disdain that should be

Not all Americans are on Team Meghan

The press is awash with reports of the disgust and distaste of the American public towards the UK, in particular towards the Royal Family, with Americans apparently uncritically accepting the Duchess of Sussex’s ‘truth’. The UK press may have smelled a rat in what was portrayed at the Sussexes’ Montecito estate in the Oprah soft-soap