Matt Purple

Matt Purple is the online editor of The Spectator's World edition

Biden’s war

36 min listen

In this week’s episode: Is Biden’s approach to the war in Ukraine more calculating than it seems? For this week’s cover piece, in this week’s cover piece, Matt Purple examines Biden’s response to the situation in Ukraine. The good, the bad and the gaffs. He joins the podcast along with the founder of Political Human

American meltdown: November’s democratic disaster

40 min listen

Is this week’s presidential debate a taste of the chaos to come? (00:55) In defence of ‘wokeness’ (15:10) and are male-only spaces immoral? (30:25) With Matt Purple, Senior Editor at the American Conservative; Karin Robinson, host of the Primarily: 2020 podcast; Sam Leith, The Spectator’s Literary Editor; Andrew Doyle, the writer behind Titania McGrath; and

Is this the end of American democracy?

21 min listen

Joe Biden accepted the Democratic Party’s nomination at their virtual convention last night, bringing his three-day coronation to an end with a well-received speech. Throughout this year’s DNC, speakers have warned that America’s political foundations are at stake in the upcoming election – Barack Obama urged voters not to let the Republicans ‘take away your