Penny Mordaunt

Why Rishi Sunak has my support

Penny Mordaunt has conceded defeat in the Tory leadership race. Here is the full text of her statement: Our party is our membership. Whether we are elected representatives, activists, fundraisers or supporters. We all have a stake in who our leader is.  These are unprecedented times. Despite the compressed timetable for the leadership contest it

How I plan to turn Britain around

This is the full text of Penny Mordaunt’s Tory leadership campaign launch: We’ve got to stave off a recession, we’ve got huge expectations to deliver on with Brexit, and we have new burdens to shoulder Over the past few days, I have been engaged in a form of speed dating with my colleagues. I’ve learnt a

Diary – 1 August 2019

I begin the week in Bamako, Mali, with a crackly telephone call to Commodore Dean Bassett, UK Maritime Component Commander in the Gulf. He informs me that HMS Montrose and the Maritime Trade Operation has seen 30 ships safely through the Strait of Hormuz. These ships had been given 24 hours’ notice for their transit.

Lords reform is an ill-considered pet project

At the first meeting of the 1922 Committee following the 2010 election, I was the only new MP to speak. I used my time to set out why I would support a coalition: the country was in an economic crisis and at war; we knew what needed to be done – deal with the debt