Professor Angus Dalgleish

Angus Dalgleish is professor of oncology at St George’s, University of London and a fellow at the Centre for Brexit Policy.

The NHS is still in desperate need of reform

Along with many of my colleagues, I have been arguing for years that the current structure of the NHS cannot survive. Giving the health service endless money won’t make a significant difference, unless its core structures are changed. It is therefore very interesting to see that Matt Hancock, in the middle of the pandemic, has

Is Britain’s coronavirus response bogged down in bureaucracy?

The NHS has rightly been praised for its response to coronavirus. But it still isn’t quite the model of efficiency it could be. And there remains a problem with how British medical bureaucracy is handling the treatment of hospitalised Covid patients.  Hard-pressed consultants are reportedly being forced to swap news in WhatsApp groups about possible cutting-edge treatments. These doctors