Sean Martin

There’s more to it than lads’ mags

Michael Gove got a whole lot of coverage – much of it less than enthusiastic – about his proclamations on lads’ mags, such as Nuts and Zoo, yesterday. And that’s escalated today with Recess Monkey’s embarrassing discovery that Gove received funding from a company involved in the production of Nuts TV. It’s a shame that’s been

Who should be the next England cricket captain?

Coffee House seems to have a fair share of cricket fans, so I thought I’d canvass your views on who should be the next England test captain after Michael Vaughan’s resignation yesterday. The ECB are set to announce his successor at 13:00 today, and the smart money seems to be on Kevin Pietersen. KP’s certainly a great player. But, for

Free trade is the protectionism the world needs

The post-Doha debate is exemplified by two opposing articles in the papers today.  One’s by Johann Hari in the Independent, and the other is the Times leader.  I’d recommend that CoffeeHousers check them out. Both make relevant points from their respective sides. But neither recognises the political benefit of promoting global free trade, especially to

Too Cuil for school?

Web giant Google has a new rival this week, as the search engine Cuil was launched on Sunday night. The new service searches 120 billion web pages – 3 times as many as Google – and its central idea is to track down the most relevant content, rather than the most popular. A good thing,