Sophia Gaston

Sophia Gaston is Head of Foreign Policy and UK Resilience at Policy Exchange

Aukus is a gamechanger

Aukus is one of the most significant security pacts in modern history. It marks a bold new era in how we think about our alliances and our national resilience. Brits are on board with the pact: 64 per cent are confident about its ability to make us safer; a similar number (65 per cent) think

The world will welcome the new ‘Global Britain’

Just what does ‘Global Britain’ actually mean? In the five years since the UK’s foreign policy was thrown into chaos after the EU Referendum, this question has reverberated without reply. In the publication of its Integrated Review of the UK’s Defence, Security, Development and Foreign Policy today, the UK Government has finally put its cards

The price of an ‘Australian-style’ quarantine system

Richard Curtis’s iconic Love Actually airport scenes may fall on the wrong side of saccharine, but they capture something of the human story at the centre of the travel experience. As the government pursues an ‘Australian-style’ hotel quarantine scheme for the UK’s borders, we should not lose sight of these human moments. With the UK’s

Did Australia’s China-scepticism prepare it for Covid-19?

As Britain struggles through the eye of the coronavirus storm, it is difficult not to cast our eyes across the world and compare our fate with that of our friends and allies. One nation in particular stands out – Australia – seemingly on course yet again to assume its role as ‘The Lucky Country’. It’s

The West is failing to rise to the challenge of coronavirus

Having apparently shaken off the first phase of the coronavirus pandemic, the Chinese Communist Party’s propaganda machine is now in full swing. One of the more preposterous conspiracy theories they are peddling is that the spread of the disease was a deliberate attempt at subterfuge from the American government. As in the middle of the