Stephen Daisley

Stephen Daisley

Stephen Daisley is a Spectator regular and a columnist for the Scottish Daily Mail

Coffee House Scots: can Humza save the SNP after treasurer’s arrest?

10 min listen

The arrest of the SNP’s treasurer Colin Beattie in relation to the probe into the party’s finances has overshadowed Humza Yousaf’s relaunch speech scheduled for today. Beattie has been taken into custody two weeks after Peter Murrell, the SNP’s chief executive, was questioned by police regarding loans made in June 2021. Can Yousaf distance himself

Coffee House Scots: Humza wins – what’s next?

11 min listen

Humza Yousaf has been announced as the new leader of the SNP after a narrow victory over second placed Kate Forbes. What will this mean for the cause of Scottish independence? Katy Balls speaks to Michael Simmons, Stephen Daisley and Fraser Nelson.  Produced by Oscar Edmondson.

No SNP majority, now what?

13 min listen

Scotland will have a pro-independence majority at Holyrood, but the SNP has fallen short of an overall majority. What does this mean for the party, its leader Nicola Sturgeon, and the campaign for a second independence referendum? Katy Balls speaks to James Forsyth and Stephen Daisley. James Forsyth: ‘In a way, this is why this

Will Joanna Cherry’s sacking strengthen Sturgeon?

13 min listen

Joanna Cherry was sacked from the SNP’s Westminster frontbench today. The former justice spokesperson, who is an ally of Alex Salmond, was dropped as the party continues to row over transgender rights. Has the move strengthened leader Nicola Sturgeon’s position? Katy Balls speaks to James Forsyth and Stephen Daisley.

Is there still hope for Unionism?

21 min listen

The SNP has had a torrid week as the inquiry into Alex Salmond’s trial came to a head, topped off with MP Margaret Ferrier’s Covid breach. But Nicola Sturgeon has not sustained damage – so is there still any hope for Unionism? Katy Balls talks to Fraser Nelson and Stephen Daisley, with a cameo appearance