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Byrne backs Balls

Byrne backs Balls
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My, how Balls is rattled. He has made Liam Byrne throw his body in front of the bullets with a statement declaring that he co-chairs those Wednesday afternoon attack meetings. Not that he'd regard them as such. Here are his words, with my thoughts:

LB: “The Sunday Times' write-up of the weekly meetings I co-chair with Ed is not only inaccurate, it’s nonsensical and pretty offensive."

FN: The many other details the No.10 whistleblower provided are accurate, we presume. And seeing as the nature of these meetings are so contested by No.10, what about releasing a list of attendees and isues discussed to lay the matter at rest?

LB:  “In the all the months I've worked closely with Ed, I've only ever seen him totally, professionally, focused on helping build a better country."

FN: Which he defines as one where the corpses of Brown's enemies are strewn over Westminster, as a grateful nation prepares to welcome its new, blinky-eyed leader.

LB: "He is a first-rate colleague to work with, he’s superb at his job, and that's why the Opposition fear him."

FN: The Sunday Times story was sourced not to the Tories but those in government appalled by the way Brown tried to disown McBride.

LB: “Frankly media gossip and invention like this story..."

FN: Not media gossip, but highly credible and directly quoted concerns about Balls from a No10 insider.

LB: " simply not going to blur our total, unremitting and unrelenting focus on fighting back for Britain against the worst global downturn for generations."

FN: That fightback is going well so far, eh? The UK budgetary crisis, of course, has its roots in the uk's failure to pay down debt in the good years. Due to a calamitous new set of economic "golden rules" written by, oh, Ed Balls. And the banking collapse is due to the abject failure of the fractured regulatory system written in a suite of the Grosvenor Hotel by Brown and, erm, Balls. In fact, many of the woes in next week's Budget can be traced to that famous, unrelenting focus of an over-confident Balls.

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Fraser Nelson is the editor of The Spectator. He is also a columnist with The Daily Telegraph, a member of the advisory board of the Centre for Social Justice and the Centre for Policy Studies.

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