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The Truth About Plastic

President Trump snubs embassy opening: will he ever visit the UK?

Lost Connections: Uncovering the real causes of depression

What will Donald Trump get up to at Davos?

‘I’m already feeling miles smugger.’
‘Oh gosh, they’re going to let us go.’
‘He’s one of the populist kids.’
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Taki: How I learned to write

Gstaad  What I miss most up here in the Alps are the literary lunches conducted on the fly with writers…

13 Jan 2018

Jeremy Clarke: Escaping from Colditz with Professor Brian Cox

By New Year’s Day I’d had enough of festivities. Instead of getting out of bed, I turned over, put my…

13 Jan 2018

Melissa Kite: No more Cinderella complex; no more males rescuers needed

‘Not being rude, but I don’t think you should do any DIY,’ said the gamekeeper. He had just witnessed me…

13 Jan 2018