The most bizarre museum heist ever

They don’t look like a natural pair. First there’s the author, Kirk Wallace Johnson, a hero of America’s war in…

28 Apr 2018

How Rodin made a Parthenon above Paris

‘My Acropolis,’ Auguste Rodin called his house at Meudon. Here, the sculptor made a Parthenon above Paris. Surrounded by statues…

28 Apr 2018
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The New Arrival: Meghan and the Monarchy

Is Dominic Raab's diet really 'so weird'?

Is RepealThe8th the end of the Irish Catholic Church?

Boyd Tonkin and Frank Wynne

‘Half the vowels are missing…’
‘What will we do if it’s not a disaster?’
‘Have you tried greed?’
‘Son, your mother and I would like a word…’
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Fascism isn’t rising, but bien-pensant hysteria certainly is

Benito lives! The Blackshirts are here. Fascism is on the march — at least according to Madeleine Albright, secretary of…

28 Apr 2018

Knife skills for eight-year-olds

Pig’s trotters. Lamb’s feet stuffed with their brains. Flayed wild rabbits, all sinew, muscle and eyeballs. Nude chickens with flopping…

28 Apr 2018

Save me from middle managers dressed up as Spiderman

‘You’ve got your essay on your back, then?’ said the stable yard owner as I headed out with Darcy on…

28 Apr 2018