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Revolution! Is the Brexit drama just beginning?

Will Theresa May survive till the summer recess?

Margo Jefferson: On Michael Jackson

An atheist goes on a Christian pilgrimage. What's the point?

‘It’s to celebrate 100 years of Brexit negotiations.’
‘They have a very short shelf life.’
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Why I am not drinking for the rest of the year

What a week this has been! What a great mood I’m in! Why, it’s almost like being in bed… with…

14 Jul 2018

The anatomy of a Spectator summer party

I flew from Marseille to Gatwick, rode the Gatwick Express to Victoria, and walked down the thoroughfare of Victoria Street…

14 Jul 2018

Is EE fantastic after all?

This was going to be about how a major phone company surprised me by delivering a fantastic service. I was…

14 Jul 2018