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Women with Balls Election Special: who would want to be an MP?

Emails from the Spectator
‘The image of the child in the manger in the stable has gone viral.’
‘Voting for it? I’ve been campaigning for it.’
‘Let’s get the festivities started — by going round the table revealing which way we voted.’
Puzzles and games
And finally

My friend Margaret Thatcher

By the time you read this it will all be over, but will it? I’ve had a bad feeling all…

14 Dec 2019

Smoking opium with Mr Nazim – and a gecko

‘I used to go to India for a few months every year. A couple of times we even drove there.…

14 Dec 2019

Our local Tory candidate’s leaflet was the most disturbing of them all

‘Oh, it’s you!’ said the builder boyfriend to the Tory MP in his shooting jacket, as he made his way…

14 Dec 2019