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The two Europes: Macron, Salvini, and the battle for a continent

Who is the anonymous New York Times writer?

Sebastian Faulks: Paris Echo

What has Pope Francis covered up?

‘There are rumours another crash could be on the way.’
‘Must you do your make-up on the Tube?’
‘There’s a Novichokolate on the pillow.’
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An audience with the Pope

Perception and reality, truth and falsehood, black and white; nowadays the salivating chattering classes don’t know their arse from a…

22 Sep 2018

A foretaste of Frexit

Moving day. The contents of a hillside shack to be moved four miles to a cave house perched high on…

22 Sep 2018

Why my lodger has to be a girl

The little lodger is moving in. I chose her after an exhaustive search of twentysomethings looking for accommodation, during which…

22 Sep 2018