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The Truth About Plastic

President Trump snubs embassy opening: will he ever visit the UK?

Lost Connections: Uncovering the real causes of depression

What will Donald Trump get up to at Davos?

‘He has a 25-year plan to reform.’
‘I’m afraid we missed our target to see you within four hours.’
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Taki: In praise of French women

I spent the better part of two sunny days indoors writing about authenticity for a Greek magazine, a strange subject…

20 Jan 2018

Jeremy Clarke: The power of ‘Bonjour’

In France, or in Provence at least, polite rule number one is to say hello. You must offer a distinct…

20 Jan 2018

Melissa Kite: The death of humour

A vet has accused me of a ‘hate crime’ for making a joke about vets. On the basis that everything…

20 Jan 2018