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I’d prepared for the worst, but Kenya’s election has me – finally – living in hope

 Laikipia, Kenya Following Kenya’s recently concluded elections, I took a walk on my Laikipia farm and lit up a cigar,

Propositioned by the most popular tourist guide in Singapore

I got off the plane at Changi still pleasantly sedated by Xanax, passed through the ‘nothing to declare’ channel, and

BT and the seventh circle of junk-mail hell

BT have just put the phone down on me for asking them to stop sending me junk mail, which is

Twitter trolls made a sporting tragedy so much worse

Racing moves off the back pages only when its opponents have bad news to gloat over. Two examples lately have

Warhol’s obscene legacy

As everyone who stands up when a lady enters the room knows, the once sacrosanct rules of civility throughout the