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I’d prepared for the worst, but Kenya’s election has me – finally – living in hope

 Laikipia, Kenya Following Kenya’s recently concluded elections, I took a walk on my Laikipia farm and lit up a cigar,

The political agenda of the bookshop at Bristol airport

The army patrols at Nice airport go around three abreast, steely-eyed, fingers on the trigger. They walk slowly and scrutinise

The stealth campaign to ban horse-riding

Stefano and his boys got to work with gusto and within a few days the upstairs of my house started

Twitter trolls made a sporting tragedy so much worse

Racing moves off the back pages only when its opponents have bad news to gloat over. Two examples lately have

Lament for a lost Venice

I’m in Venice for the film festival that just ended and, as an American humorist once wired his paper: ‘Streets