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Bad charity

Boris Johnson woos Remainers in Valentine's Day speech

The Minister and the Murderer

What will Donald Trump get up to at Davos?

‘We need to find consensus – and destroy it.’
‘If your train set doesn’t work get it nationalised.’
‘I’ve written my Brexit impact assessment report.’
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And finally

Taki: My #MeToo moment

#MeToo! It happened right here, in Gstaad, last week. A man in his mid-fifties, about six foot tall and 165lb,…

17 Feb 2018

Even the BBC’s recipes are politically correct

I’m cooking almost full-time for my poor old Mum and learning on the job: shepherd’s pie, roast pork, cauliflower cheese.…

17 Feb 2018

I’ve faked my own iPhone death

After much thought, I am toying with the idea of faking my own death. I mean in a virtual sense,…

17 Feb 2018