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Divide and rule: how the EU has taken control of Brexit

Is Sikh an ethnicity?

Sara Paretsky: Shell Game

What's gone wrong in American universities?

‘Well at least we always left a tip.’
‘If there’s global warming then how come there’s a cold war?’
‘Unless one of them comes up and says hello to you in the street…’
‘The enemy are virtue-signalling to us, sir.’
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And finally

Why truth gets you nowhere

New York   There is fear and loathing in this city, with men looking over their shoulders for the thought…

20 Oct 2018

Guns and gin: just another Spectator Wine Club lunch

East of London the Thames broadens dramatically to a surreal waste of mud and sewage-coloured water lined with shipping-container dumps.…

20 Oct 2018

Silicon Valley’s evil plan

After months of trying not to try the exciting new version of Gmail, the exciting new version of Gmail tried…

20 Oct 2018