Can I read articles without becoming a subscriber?

Non-subscribers can read a selection of articles for free each month after registering a web account. We hope that this will tempt you to join us as a full subscriber. Occasionally our journalists may allow certain articles to be viewed by anybody or conversely to restrict certain articles to always be for subscribers only even if you haven't read your free allowance. This will be up to the discretion of the editor.

Only subscribers to the Digital or the Print + Digital packages will have full access to all content on the website.

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How do I create an account?

When reading articles you will be presented with a form to create an account. Alternatively you can click Register in the top-right of the navigation bar. Enter your email address and a password of your choosing. If you are already a Digital or Print + Digital subscriber you will need to associate your account with your subscriber number to give you full access to all Spectator content – please follow the instructions below to do so.

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How do I link my existing subscription?

Head to the 'My Account' page and select the first tab called 'My Info' where you’ll find a field called 'subscriber number'. Enter your subscriber number here and click submit changes. This will verify with our subscription bureau that you have an active subscription and will then grant full access to the rest of the website.

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What is my subscriber number and where can I find it?

All subscribers have a unique subscriber number.

Print subscribers can also find it printed on the slip of white paper that comes with the printed issue every week – see example above.

If you receive our weekly highlights email you will also find your subscriber number at the top of that.

To gain access to subscriber-only content on this website you will need to link your existing subscription to your web account using your subscriber number (see above how do I link my existing subscription?).

If you are a new subscriber and haven’t yet been issued with your subscriber number you can use the temporary WebID that is issued in your subscription confirmation email to link your subscription to your Spectator web accounts.

All subscribers will then be able to use their web account to access the latest deals from the Spectator Club however only subscribers to the Digital or the Print + Digital packages will have full access to subscriber-only content on the website.

If you cannot find your subscriber number, contact customer services by email at or call 03303 330 050.

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I’ve forgotten my password, how do I reset?

Click on the forgot password link on the login form and follow the on-screen instructions

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I’m having difficulties with my web account/problems reading content

If you have successfully registered a web account using an email address and password of your choosing and are still having difficulties please try logging out of your account, clearing your browsers cache and logging back in.

Click here to find out how to clear your brower's cache.

If this doesn’t resolve your issue then please contact our digital team via email detailing the problem you are experiencing and we will investigate and resolve this as soon as possible.

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I used to be able to login but now it won’t recognise me

We introduced new login functionality in September 2016 to allow you to use your preferred email address and password to access the website.

Previously subscribers had to remember their WebID to login each time.

If you used to login with just a WebID or have previously read Coffee House blogs after submitting your email address you will now need to create an account using an email address and password to continue reading.

Unfortunately we cannot create accounts on your behalf as for security reasons we require you to choose your own password.

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What is a Web ID and do I need it?

Subscribers previously had a 'WebID' to access online content. This has now been replaced with a ‘subscriber number’, both of which can be used to link your subscription.

Additionally if you are a new subscriber and haven’t yet been issued with your subscriber number you can use the temporary WebID that is issued in your subscription confirmation email to link your subscription to your Spectator web accounts.

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Can I access the Spectator app and, if so, how?

Subscribers to the Digital or the Print + Digital packages will have full access to the Spectator app, available on all Apple, Android and Kindle Fire devices.

In order to use the app, you must first download it from the appropriate app store on your device.

Once installed, link your subscription to the app by following these simple steps:

• Select an issue to read

• Tap ‘Existing subscriber?”

• Enter your subscriber number and tap ‘Activate’

Should you have any queries regarding your subscription, please don’t hesitate to contact us by emailing or by telephone on 0330 3330050.

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How do I manage my subscription?

You can manage your subscription, including:

• Changing your the delivery address

• Renewing

• Finding out when your subscription expires and how many issues you have left

By visiting My Account and clicking on the 'My Subscription' tab. Alternatively, and for any other issues regarding your subscription you can contact our customer service desk on 0330 333 0050 or via email

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How do I cancel my subscription and will I be eligible for a refund?

You can cancel your subscription any time by contacting customer services on 0330 333 0050 or emailing us.

Your cancellation will come into effect with the end of your current subscription term. We’re sorry but unless the circumstances are exceptional, we will not issue any refund for unfulfilled issues.

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How can I buy a gift subscription?

Go to, select your package and follow the on-screen instructions to purchase a subscription in the normal way. Where it says delivery address tick the box that says “Use a different address as subscription is a gift” then enter the gift recipient’s address in the fields provided.

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My magazine arrived late, damaged or not at all. What should I do?

Contact customer services via email or call 03303 330 050.

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How can I contact the magazine?

All contact details are available via the Contact Us page.

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What is the Spectator Club and how do I get access?

Subscribers are automatically part of the Spectator Club which offers exclusive discounts, competitions, events and offers from a range of different providers. To find out the latest offers, go to the Spectator Club page. In order to benefit from the deals you will need to be logged into you web account and have linked it to your subscription using your subscriber number.

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How do I buy a cartoon?

Some of the cartoons from the magazine are available for sale, either as a print or the original. Find out more and purchase from the Spectator Shop.

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How do I change my email preferences?

The Spectator offers a range of different newsletters. Click here to choose which emails you’d like to receive.

What third party partners do you work with?

If you choose to receive emails from our carefully selected partners you may occasionally receive communications from partners such as the Telegraph, Apollo Magazine or our own Spectator Events. If you do not wish to receive these emails you can easily update your preferences.

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I’ve signed up to one of your emails, but I’m not receiving it

There are a number of reasons why you may not receive an email you’ve signed up for. You may have entered an incorrect email address or you may have previously unsubscribed from the newsletter.

Check your junk mail to ensure its not accidentally been sent there.

If you are still failing to receive emails you’ve signed up for please email us at and we will investigate for you.

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Why am I receiving emails encouraging me to subscribe when I already subscribe to The Spectator?

Our email system is set up in such a way that it should automatically exclude the email address affiliated with your subscription from receiving these types of messages. Occasionally our subscribers are signed up to receive email newsletters to a different email address than the we have on our records as associated with their subscription. In order to rectify this, you will need to log in to the manage my subscription portal, click on ‘Change my address’ and then set your email address here to the same one you receive your newsletters to.

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How do I sign up to post comments?

Posting comments on articles is reserved for subscribers only. We use Disqus, a third party system to automatically moderate and manage our comments. If you would like to post comments under any of the articles simply sign up with Disqus using your email address or alternatively connect using your preferred social media account. Please read section 4. Use of the Site in our Terms & Conditions for details of our comment policy.

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I’m interested in working for The Spectator

Current vacancies can be found on our jobs page.

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How do I advertise with The Spectator?

If you would like to advertise with us please contact a member of the advertising team. You can find their details on the Contact Us page

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