Did Harry put Disney networking before the Royal Marines? 

Did Harry put Disney networking before the Royal Marines? 
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When the Duke and Duchess of Sussex announced last week that they were stepping down as 'senior' members of the royal family to 'carve out a progressive new role within [the royal] institution', plenty of eyebrows were raised at the couple's suggestion that they would work toward financial independence as well.

After all, how will the pair manage to earn their daily bread without being accused of cashing in on their royal titles, connections and taxpayer-funded privileges? Mr S can't exactly see Harry heading down to his local job centre, while Meghan mans the nearby drive-thru.

Perhaps though newly discovered footage of Prince Harry from July last year, when the pair attended the premiere of the Lion King in Leicester Square, could provide a clue as to how the royals will make a living. The video is alleged to show Prince Harry on the red carpet asking the CEO of Disney, Bob Iger, to consider using Meghan Markle as a voice-over actor in a future Disney movie:

If he was making a plug for his wife, it's not exactly a good look for the Duke of Sussex to be using his invitation to the event as a way to earn some extra cash.

But perhaps more worryingly, Mr S remembers that Harry and Meghan were criticised at the time for choosing to attend the glitzy premiere when they had also been invited to a memorial concert, on the same night, for the Royal Marines killed by the IRA in Deal, Kent – especially as Prince Harry is Captain General of the Royal Marines. A Buckingham Palace spokeswoman confirmed in August last year that Harry had been 'unable to attend the memorial concert', but did not explain why he opted to spend his time with Hollywood A-listers and celebrities on the red carpet instead.

Mr S wonders now if Harry already had 'financial independence' on his mind, when choosing which event to attend...

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