High life | 19 May 2016

The lurid anti-Donald propaganda from the phonies in the media is having the opposite effect

High life | 19 May 2016
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 New York

I have never seen anything like it. If Adolf Hitler were running for president, he would match Donald Trump’s negative coverage. If Benito were in the race, his notices would be far more favourable. When The Donald emerged as the last man standing, certain New York Times columnists became unhinged. One hysterical woman pundit accused Trump of ...not having any money. The one I liked best came from a colleague of hers, who is usually unreadable because of his wordy and flat prose. That particular fool had declared that the word Trump would never appear in his column. Once Donny baby had wiped the floor with his opponents, the fool did mention his name, describing him as ‘an unbelievable joke’. One Washington pundit had vowed to eat his copy if Trump got past a couple of primaries. He ate humble pie instead. The short little fat man who has never backed a winner except for the Iraq war (some winner), that mincing rat William Kristol, announced last year that Trump would drop out before the Iowa primary. Kristol’s predictions should be collected and distributed in schools. ‘How to always get it wrong and get paid for it’ should be the title.

In desperation, the Times came up with a Sulzberger buddy, another mincing rat of a fellow, one Steven Rattner, a chap who is not allowed to deal in stocks and bonds after an agreement with regulators following allegations of not-quite-kosher conduct about five years ago. Rattner wrote bad things about Trump and his taxes, but forgot to mention that Trump is allowed to deal on the stock market while he, Rattner, is not.

Mind you, the lurid propaganda against The Donald is having the opposite effect. He is now being attacked on account of his attitude towards women. He likes them, ergo he must be a rapist of sorts. A desperado at the New Yorker, one Packer (unfortunately for him not related to the Packer family of Australia), thinks Trump is the pits because he (Donald) is talking to white America, especially the less well off. That’s a new one on me. Everyone talks to minorities in the land of the depraved, but Trump is the bad guy because he talks to the less well off of the majority. See what I mean when I tell you the fourth estate is becoming unhinged?

I did not foresee the rise of Trump, although any clear-minded person should have. For far too long, working-class people have been dismissed as not smart enough, their passion rooted in racism, guns and beer. These same people have not had a rise in their standard of living since the Reagan era. In the meantime, the wolves of Wall Street have all become billionaires, while none of the Goldman Sachs lot and others of their ilk — the crooks who caused the 2008 recession — has gone to jail. So it was bound to happen, the awakening of the working-class white stiff who is now even told to let go of the silly old notion that the use of single-sex multiple-occupancy bathrooms and changing facilities should be based on a person’s biological gender rather than on the gender they believe themselves to be. (Well, that suits me perfectly. I now need to find out where Keira Knightley’s locker room is located.)

Yep, the Republican race is over and the journalists lost big time, but they refuse to admit defeat and blame the Americanknow-nothings for The Donald’s victory. Last week I went to a Republican party meeting on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. The people were all well dressed, affluent and old — and to a man (and woman) they were for Trump. I was amazed. I would have thought the effete Jeb Bush was their type. And for the first time I felt that Trump might have a chance to win the whole thing in November. Sure, these people were Republicans, a minority in the city, but their distaste for the media was matched only by their dislike and distrust of Hillary. Perhaps the unfair coverage and biased reporting against Trump by the major newspapers and the TV networks have had the opposite effect. To the extent that a man may be judged by his enemies, Donald Trump emerges as a very good man. Those phonies at the NY Times and the Kristols of this world on TV have turned off a hell of a lot of Americans. Trump is a blue-collar billionaire who acts like a real person rather than the wind-up toys that posture inside the Beltway. The British media have not been far behind in deriding Trump. In our very own Diary two weeks ago, Petronella Wyatt called him a social climber. She should know. Her old man was the biggest climber in the UK.

The Donald has not spent one red cent on polls in order to find out what people wish to hear. He is supremely self-confident and has a can-do mentality. America looks at the immigration disaster in Europe and suddenly Trump’s wall is not such a bad idea. In fact, it is a must. I am starting to believe that The Donald has a chance. Yippee!