New Corbynite MP’s car-crash interview

New Corbynite MP's car-crash interview
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The newly-elected MP for Leicester East and loyal Corbynite Claudia Webbe spoke to BBC Radio 4's Today programme earlier this morning. Webbe was asked why her party failed so badly at the general election but appeared unable to answer Nick Robinson's simple line of questioning. Rather than responding to questions about the popularity of the policies, Ms Webbe instead started arguing about why the policies were needed in the first place.

When Robinson attempted to steer her back to the question at hand, the MP began blaming 'newspaper corporations that speak to the electorate'. Mr S thinks it might be a good idea if Webbe is stopped from speaking to the electorate in future...

Nick Robinson: 'You went down to your worst defeat in more than eight years. In what way was your manifesto popular? You see what people think is you're in denial, your leader was defeated, your manifesto was defeated - this is your defeat, they say, you the Corbynites.'

Claudia Webbe: 'The reality is you can't take away the issues that are affecting society. It is not right that people should be living in and experiencing rough sleeping, that families are making choices... But our policies spoke to those issues...'

NR: 'Forgive me, your question was "it's popular", you said. I'm asking you for the evidence that the policies were popular.'

CW: 'Well that is what I'm trying to say to you. What I'm trying to say to you is that it's not right for our society to face levels of rough sleeping, homelessness. It's not right for there to be zero-hour contracts and unscrupulous employers that deliver nothing but poverty wages, it's not right for families to experience choices between heating and eating. We're coming up to Christmas and people are really suffering, these issues don't go away...'

NR: 'But that's not what your party is debating. Your party is debating why you lost Claudia Webbe.'

CW: 'This is the point...'

NR: 'What is the point? Why did you lose?'

CW 'The point being is what we were up against was whether or not our policies had the power to be credible to the general population. by that what I mean is whether or not Labour had the power of mainstream, of mass media and newspaper corporations that speak to the electorate, that present a story that doesn't question the Tories and what they are doing. For example, this was a Brexit election, for sure. This wasn't our climate election for example. The climate agenda did not get on the table, did not get on the ballot box. This was a Brexit election.'

You can listen to the full exchange below:

If Claudia Webbe is the future, Labour are in a lot of trouble.

— Ben (@Jamin2g) December 19, 2019

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