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Paul Clarke Update

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Remember the outcry after the discovery that Paul Clarke could face five years in prison for the "crime" of finding a sawn-off shotgun in his garden and handing it in to his local police station? No, me neither. Well, blog-land has not been happy about this but, as a reader points out, our friends at newspapers and the BBC have completely ignored it:

This story is getting zero coverage. I've seen more coverage from American websites than I have from UK sources. I've done a search at the Times, the Guardian and the BBC News website and - unless I'm doing something very wrong - none of them seem to be touching it. It doesn't even feature on the BBC website's local coverage for Surrey. It seems to me that this is a story in and of itself, no? I mean this is a pretty fundamental legal issue, I'd have thought, and if it isn't clarified (or changed) then it's only a matter of time before some other poor sod is going to be staring down the wrong end of a five-year minimum prison sentence for trying to do his civic duty. What, the Beeb can find bandwidth for "Two kite surfers jump over pier", "Cat tied to washing post put down" and "Schoolgirls hurt in tractor crash", but they can't find space for this?


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