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Paying to keep people poor

Paying to keep people poor
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Buying the Big Issue magazine is never an act of charity. Its content is well worth the cover price, especially when John Bird, its founder, writes on social issues. His cover story this week is an open letter to Gordon Brown (not online, buy the mag!).

It exposes how Labour sees homelessness as a financial problem which needs a redistributionist solution. The result? Bird gives a case study…

"Mick was an alcoholic from his mid-20s to his mid-40s. He used drugs, smashed up his council flat, robbed supermarkets, attacked people and was a general pain. His rent was paid. He was given a weekly payment. He was maintained. Apart from the odd run-in with the police, he was maintained in dependency and illness for 20 years. He probably cost about £1 million to run. Then he died. We spent £1 million keeping him in dependency. Of course, no one did anything to sort out his mental illness because we have Care in the Community. Prime Minister, we spend billions keeping people poor.”

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