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Podcast: Angela Merkel’s mistake on refugees — and is Tom Watson Labour’s saviour?

Podcast: Angela Merkel’s mistake on refugees — and is Tom Watson Labour’s saviour?
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Angela Merkel’s offer to welcome any Syrian refugees who reach Germany will have far reaching, potential devastating consequences. On this week’s View from 22 podcast, James Forsyth debates this week’s Spectator cover feature on Merkel's grandstanding with Holly Baxter from the Independent. Has David Cameron done the right thing by not offering asylum to more refugees? Are all European countries pulling equal weight in dealing with the crisis? And what will the European Union as a whole do next to help the refugees?

Dan Hodges and former Labour adviser John McTernan also discuss whether Tom Watson could be the man who holds the Labour party together. The former Brownite bruiser has made plenty of enemies in the party, but he is expected to be elected Deputy Leader on Saturday, alongside Jeremy Corbyn as leader. Will Watson manage to stop the party from splintering? Can Blairites forgive him for past actions? And is there any doubt about a Corbyn-Watson victory?

Plus, theatre critic Kate Matlby and Igor Toronyi-Lalic discuss Benedict Cumberbatch’s performance in Hamlet, which is reviewed in the magazine this week, and the controversy surrounding the production. After radical changes between preview shows and the main run, is it now a good performance? Does Cumberbatch make a good Hamlet?

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