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The full list of Tory MPs backing Theresa May

The full list of Tory MPs backing Theresa May
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With just a few moments to go until voting closes, 181 Tory MPs have publicly backed Theresa May in the vote of confidence. Given that May needs 159 votes, their support should be enough to keep her position safe. But given that this is a secret ballot, are they as good as their word? Here is the full list of those who have vowed to back the PM:

Bim Afolami:

As will I.

— Bim Afolami MP (@BimAfolami) December 12, 2018

Adam Afriyie:

I’ll be supporting the PM tonight. It’s a tough job, the toughest possible right now, and she has my full support in securing our departure from the EU @theresa_may @WindsorTories

— Adam Afriyie (@AdamAfriyie) December 12, 2018

Heidi Allen:

Utterly dismayed at the sheer indulgence being shown by some of my parliamentary colleagues at this time of National crisis. Quite why they think a change in leader is the right course of action is beyond me.

— Heidi Allen MP (@heidiallen75) December 12, 2018

Stuart Andrew

Ed Argar

Victoria Atkins

Kemi Badenoch

Steve Barclay:

I fully support the PM. This is a crucial stage with weeks to go before we leave the EU. We need to back @theresa_may and deliver the referendum result. The PM is working in our national interest and this distraction risks damaging uncertainty.

— Steve Barclay MP (@SteveBarclay) December 12, 2018

Harriett Baldwin:

What a ridiculous moment to choose to challenge @10DowningStreet - Theresa May has been working flat out to secure the best possible deal and will have my vote again this evening #TM4PM

— Harriett Baldwin (@hbaldwin) December 12, 2018

Henry Bellingham

Richard Benyon

Guto Bebb

Paul Beresford

Jake Berry

Nick Boles:

If Theresa May wins the confidence vote tonight it will be because moderate, pragmatic, mainstream MPs voted for her. She should then seek a majority from moderate, pragmatic, mainstream MPs from ALL parties to get a Norway Plus Brexit deal through

— Nick Boles MP (@NickBoles) December 12, 2018

Peter Bottomley

Andrew Bowie:

This party has always been at its best when moderate, mainstream, compassionate & governing in the national interest. That's the party I joined & am proud to represent. And in @theresa_may I'm proud to have a leader that shares those values. She has my full and unwavering support

— Andrew Bowie MP (@AndrewBowieMP) December 12, 2018

Robert Buckland:

My words to those who seek to remove the Prime Minister, (with apologies to Aneurin Bevan): “You call it statesmanship, I call it emotional spasm.”

— Robert Buckland (@RobertBuckland) December 12, 2018

Alistair Burt

Karen Bradley

Steve Brine:

I will be supporting the Prime Minister in tonight’s confidence vote. This is about the national interest not personalities and naked ambition. Theresa May has the most difficult job imaginable and I think, whatever your view of Brexit, this is a time to stand together.

— Steve Brine MP (@BrineMP) December 12, 2018

Jack Brereton

James Brokenshire:

Strongly support @theresa_may to continue as Leader of @Conservatives and Prime Minister. Now is not the time for this distraction and even more uncertainty. We need to get behind the Prime Minister in the best interests of our country.

— James Brokenshire (@JBrokenshire) December 12, 2018

Alex Burghart

Alun Cairns:

I am giving my full support to @theresa_may who has always put the national interest first. We need to honour the outcome of the referendum and support the PM to deliver Brexit on 29 March 2019.

— Alun Cairns (@AlunCairns) December 12, 2018

James Cartlidge

Alberto Costa

Alex Chalk

Jo Churchill:

I will be supporting @theresa_may in tonight’s vote. This is a distraction from delivering on the result of the referendum and is against our country’s interests.

— Jo Churchill MP (@Jochurchill4) December 12, 2018

James Cleverly:

Clearly I’m disappointed that some in my party have triggered a vote of no confidence just as the PM is having a series of international meetings to deliver Brexit.

I will, of course, be voting in support of Theresa May.

— James Cleverly (@JamesCleverly) December 12, 2018

Simon Clarke:

I will vote for change tonight. The EU negotiations are horribly off course and do not command support in Parliament. The policy is inextricable from the person of the Prime Minister, and the stakes are simply too high for endless deferral.

— Simon Clarke MP (@SimonClarkeMP) December 12, 2018

Ken Clarke

Greg Clarke

Colin Clark:

This is not the time for an upheaval. I will be supporting our Prime Minister @theresa_may in the #NoConfidence vote tonight

— Colin J. Clark MP (@Colin_J_Clark) December 12, 2018

Thérèse Coffey

Geoffrey Cox:

I shall be supporting the Prime Minister this evening. This is no time for the self indulgent spasm of a leadership election. Nothing fundamental will be altered by it. This is a time to show loyalty and discipline in supporting the PM in discharging the duties of government.

— Geoffrey Cox QC MP (@Geoffrey_Cox) December 12, 2018

Stephen Crabb:

MPs trying to oust Prime Minister are in danger of badly misjudging the mood of the country. It is a reckless course which does nothing to make Brexit easier to deliver. I will back Theresa May this evening

— Stephen Crabb (@SCrabbPembs) December 12, 2018

Mims Davies

Jonathan Djanogly

Glyn Davies

Caroline Dinenage

Michelle Donelan:

I am supporting @theresa_may today. Distractions like the vote today do not help anything - we should all get behind the #PM and deliver #Brexit

— Michelle Donelan MP (@michelledonelan) December 12, 2018

Leo Docherty:

The PM has my 100% support as leader of @Conservatives She is a tenacious public servant doing her best to deliver #Brexit in very difficult circumstances - let’s help her get on with it! #TheresaMay

— Leo Docherty MP (@LeoDochertyUK) December 12, 2018

Oliver Dowden

Jackie Doyle-Price

David Duguid:

@theresa_may has my full support. THIS Prime Minisiter and THIS Withdrawal Agreement is still our best option for delivering the best Brexit outcome. Other options (no deal, delayed/cancelled Brexit) will not deliver on the referendum result in the national interest.

— David Duguid MP (@DavidDuguidMP) December 12, 2018

Alan Duncan:

For the sake of country, Government and Party I urge all my fellow Conservative MPs to vote for Theresa May this evening. Changing the PM at this critical moment in history would be a massive mistake. Stick with her and let’s see it through!

— Sir Alan Duncan MP (@AlanDuncanMP) December 12, 2018

Michael Ellis

Tobias Ellwood

Graham Evans

Jacqueline Foster:

The Prime Minister @10DowningStreet has my full support. My recent Winter newsletter couldn't have been clearer! #TheresaMay

— Jacqueline Foster (@jfostermep) December 12, 2018

Kevin Foster:

Vicky Ford:

Thank you very much to everyone who has emailed me this morning asking that I support Theresa May. I will be doing so. I’m very boring and very conservative. I don’t believe the country needs the added uncertainty of a change of PM at this challenging time.

— Vicky Ford MP (@vickyford) December 12, 2018

Liam Fox:

I will support the Prime Minister @theresa_may tonight. This is a totally inappropriate time to have a contest. The country expects us to provide stability not damaging division.

— Dr Liam Fox MP (@LiamFox) December 12, 2018

Lucy Frazer

Mike Freer

George Freeman:

This is madness. We are in the final stages of negotiating to implement Brexit w a deadline in January. It’s no time to indulge in a 2 month Party Leadership contest. I’ll support the PM to get Withdrawal thru the House & then she should stand aside in the summer for a new Leader

— George Freeman MP (@GeorgeFreemanMP) December 12, 2018

Roger Gale

David Gauke:

Just about to appear on @BBCr4today. Theresa May will have my full support. Removing her would be self indulgent and irresponsible.

— David Gauke (@DavidGauke) December 12, 2018

Nusrat Ghani

Robert Goodwill:

A few Yorkshire Tories I've spoken to already saying they'll back the PM. Scarborough MP Robert Goodwill says he's "100 per cent" behind May, while Stuart Andrew (a Minister) and Alec Shelbrooke (party vice-chairman) also back her. @yorkshirepost

— Rob Parsons (@RobParsonsYP) December 12, 2018

Michael Gove:

I am backing the Prime Minister 100% - and I urge every Conservative MP to do the same. She is battling hard for our country and no one is better placed to ensure we deliver on the British people’s decision to leave the EU.

— Michael Gove (@michaelgove) December 12, 2018

Nick Gibb:

Theresa May has my absolute confidence as Prime Minister and Leader of the Party. Changing leader at this crucial point would be a huge mistake for the country and the Conservative Party.

— Nick Gibb (@NickGibbUK) December 12, 2018

John Glen:

Now is not the time for leadership challenges - it is time to support the PM as she seeks to secure the best possible deal to honour the outcome of the referendum and safeguard jobs in this country. The PM has proved her resilience and she will do so again today.

— John Glen MP (@JohnGlenUK) December 12, 2018

Bill Grant

Luke Graham

Richard Graham

Helen Grant

Chris Grayling

Damian Green

Sam Gyimah:

The country is divided. Parliament is in deadlock. That was the case yesterday, and is still the case today - this flows directly from the fact that we have a hung parliament. Changing leader will not address this real and pressing issue with Brexit - this should be our focus.

— Sam Gyimah MP (@SamGyimah) December 12, 2018

Luke Hall:

I will be supporting the Prime Minister. She is focusing on delivering Brexit and has a plan to leave the EU on 29 March. This is an unnecessary distraction and I look forward to @theresa_may refreshing her mandate later today

— Luke Hall MP (@LukeHall) December 12, 2018

Rob Halfon

Kirstene Hair

Simon Hart

Philip Hammond:

The Prime Minister has worked hard in the National interest since the day she took office and will have my full support in the vote tonight. Her deal means we leave the EU on time, whist protecting our jobs and our businesses.

— Philip Hammond (@PhilipHammondUK) December 12, 2018

Stephen Hammond:

Any colleague who believes changing our leader during the negotiations is in our country's interest should think again. I will be supporting the Prime Minister tonight.

— Stephen Hammond MP (@S_Hammond) December 12, 2018

Trudy Harrison:

Copeland MP Trudy Harrison has told my colleague @BBCRobertCooper that she will back the PM in tonight’s confidence vote.

— Richard Moss (@BBCRichardMoss) December 12, 2018

Richard Harrington:

The Prime Minister @theresa_may has my full support. I have always said that she is the best person for the country and the Conservative Party. Her deal with the EU is what we need to protect jobs, security and the economy. Tonight I will be backing her 🗳

— Richard Harrington (@Richard4Watford) December 12, 2018

Peter Heaton-Jones

Chris Heaton-Harris

James Heappey

Gordon Henderson:

Sittingbourne and Sheppey MP Gordon Henderson tells @BBCRADIOKENT: "I will be supporting the PM. I had already made my mind up to do that before her speech and I am even more determined to support her now."

— Libby Sutcliffe (@LibbyCSutcliffe) December 12, 2018

Nick Herbert

Kevin Hollinrake

John Howell:

I have been asked how I will vote tonight. I will vote for the Prime Minister. We must let her complete the task she has started. This is not the moment for change

— John Howell (@JHowellUK) December 12, 2018

Simon Hoare:

As will I

— Simon Hoare MP (@Simon4NDorset) December 12, 2018

Nigel Huddleston:

I shall be backing the Prime Minister @theresa_may in the vote this evening. She is an honourable public servant who has served her country with great dignity. A leadership contest now would be a complete distraction.

— Nigel Huddleston MP (@HuddlestonNigel) December 12, 2018

Nick Hurd:

I agree with this 100% . @theresa_may has my full support.

— Nick Hurd (@NickHurdUK) December 12, 2018

Jeremy Hunt:

I am backing @theresa_may tonight. Being PM most difficult job imaginable right now and the last thing the country needs is a damaging and long leadership contest. Brexit was never going to be easy but she is the best person to make sure we actually leave the EU on March 29

— Jeremy Hunt (@Jeremy_Hunt) December 12, 2018

Damian Hinds:

Let’s all get behind @Theresa_May to complete the job on brexit and keep on delivering on jobs & growth and tackling injustices. A leadership challenge does nothing to secure brexit, and is the last thing our country, or the party, needs at this critical time.

— Damian Hinds (@DamianHinds) December 12, 2018

Alister Jack

Sajid Javid:

The last thing our country needs right now is a Conservative Party leadership election. Will be seen as self-indulgent and wrong. PM has my full support and is best person to ensure we leave EU on 29 March

— Sajid Javid (@sajidjavid) December 12, 2018

Gareth Johnson

Margot James

Robert Jenrick

Marcus Jones:

I'm backing the Prime Minister tonight.Selecting a replacement would give us no time to do the final Brexit leg. V little time to re-negotiate. And no one coming in would change the dynamic in Parliament. I want to deliver Brexit, changing would play into the hands of second Ref.

— Marcus Jones (@Marcus4Nuneaton) December 12, 2018

Andrew Jones:

I will be supporting the PM in tonight’s confidence vote. The PM has shown determined and resilient leadership. We are in complex and difficult negotiations and in the middle of that we do not need further instability. I hope and expect the PM will win and win well.

— Andrew Jones MP (@AJonesMP) December 12, 2018

Gareth Johnson

Gillian Keegan:

Any deal to leave the EU includes elements of risk, article 50 is designed that way. This is the lowest risk approach to Brexit and whilst not perfect it is workable in my view which is why many businesses, farmers and fishing orgs are backing it #BacktheBrexitDeal

— Gillian Keegan (@GillianKeegan) December 8, 2018

Stephen Kerr

Julian Knight

Kwasi Kwarteng

John Lamont

Mark Lancaster:

I will be backing @theresa_may tonight. The last thing the country needs ahead of our departure from the EU on the 29th March is a long leadership contest.

— Mark Lancaster MP (@MarkLancasterMK) December 12, 2018

Andrea Leadsom:

Vital to support @theresa_may today. She is working hard in the interest of the U.K. to get a good Brexit deal and she has my full support.

— Andrea Leadsom MP (@andrealeadsom) December 12, 2018

Oliver Letwin:

Now is not the time to change leader. I shall be supporting the PM wholeheartedly.

— Oliver Letwin (@oletwinofficial) December 12, 2018

Brandon Lewis:

I fully back our Prime Minister. We have the right Leader of our Party, we have a duty to deliver for our country & I hope all my colleagues will join me & support @theresa_may to deliver for UK.

— Brandon Lewis (@BrandonLewis) December 12, 2018

Phillip Lee

Jeremy Lefroy

Jack Lopresti

David Lidington:

@theresa_may has my full support. On the difficult & complex EU negotiations she has always put the national interest first.

— David Lidington (@DLidington) December 12, 2018

Alan Mak:

Prime Minister @Theresa_May has my support and I will be voting for her tonight at this crucial period for our country.

— Alan Mak MP (@AlanMakMP) December 12, 2018

Rachel Maclean

Theresa May

Paul Maynard

Amanda Milling

Maria Miller

Nicky Morgan

Kit Malthouse:

Hear hear

— Kit Malthouse MP (@kitmalthouse) December 12, 2018

Mark Menzies

Huw Merriman:

The ‘silent majority’ are finding their voice. Scores of emails from #Bexhill #Battle constituents asking me to support our PM @theresa_may. I certainly will be and always have. This one sums it up well.....

— Huw Merriman (@HuwMerriman) December 12, 2018

Penny Mordaunt:

The Prime Minister has my full support, not least because she has always done what she firmly believes is in the national interest. Our country needs us all to fight for a good deal and prepare for a no deal senario. All eyes and hands should be on that task.

— Penny Mordaunt MP (@PennyMordaunt) December 12, 2018

Andrew Murrison:

I’ll be supporting @theresa_may tonight. No question.

— andrew murrison (@AWMurrison) December 12, 2018

Patrick McLoughlin:

I have every confidence in our Prime Minister and I will be supporting her tonight.

— Patrick McLoughlin (@Patrick4Dales) December 12, 2018

David Mundell

Wendy Morton:

I will be supporting the Prime Minister @theresa_may this evening. We need to honour the referendum and support the PM to deliver Brexit.

— Wendy Morton MP (@morton_wendy) December 12, 2018

Neil O’Brien

Bob Neill:

I completely agree. This is a distraction from the real job in hand. I shall be supporting the PM tonight.

— Bob Neill (@neill_bob) December 12, 2018

Caroline Nokes:

The PM has my full support. Brexit was never going to be easy and we need to back her to deliver on that and our domestic programme. Being PM is a phenomenally difficult job and she is the best person for it.

— Caroline Nokes (@carolinenokes) December 12, 2018

Jesse Norman:

The PM has shown astonishing courage and resilience over many months in the most difficult possible circumstances. I will be supporting her without hesitation this evening. A leadership election would be utter folly.

— Jesse Norman (@Jesse_Norman) December 12, 2018

Guy Opperman:

I will be supporting the Prime Minister tonight. To indulge in a leadership contest now is completely wrong. The #PM @theresa_may is giving everything for this country + continues to work with immense integrity, grit and determination. 1/

— Guy Opperman (@GuyOpperman) December 12, 2018

Mark Pawsey (retweeted a message of support for the PM)

Chris Pincher

Rebecca Pow:

Now is not the time to change leader. I will be supporting the PM. Consensus from my constituency is also calling for this @BBCWorldatOne @Peston @adamboultonSKY

— Rebecca Pow (@pow_rebecca) December 12, 2018

Mark Prisk

Victoria Prentis:

Inundated with messages of support for the #PM from my constituents this morning. Now is not the time for change. @theresa_may has my full support. @Conservatives

— Victoria Prentis MP (@VictoriaPrentis) December 12, 2018

Mary Robinson:

For the avoidance of doubt, I will be supporting the PM tonight. We are less than four months away from leaving the EU and our country requires certainty. This is the UK’s future, more important than one Party.

— Mary Robinson MP (@MaryRobinson01) December 12, 2018

David Rutley

Antoinette Sandbach

Bob Seely:

Strongly suspect that @10DowningStreet will win tonight. Vote timing ill-thought out. Colleagues need to be more clear-headed please. This helps neither unity nor Brexit. At this rate we're driving towards a Judy Garland Brexit - i.e. one that's already Somewhere Over The Rainbow

— Bob Seely MP (@IoWBobSeely) December 12, 2018

Paul Scully:

I'll be supporting the PM today. The light at the tunnel that some people are seeing is a train coming fast the other way #focusonthecountry

— Paul Scully MP (@scullyp) December 12, 2018

Alok Sharma

Andrew Shelbrooke:

Theresa May is working hard to deliver Brexit. This distraction is unhelpful and I will be supporting her in the vote tonight.

— Alec Shelbrooke MP (@AlecShelbrooke) December 12, 2018

Anna Soubry:

.@ OwenPaterson there’s no technology to avoid #hardborder & new leader wldnt change reality of need for a back stop. Removing @theresa_may #PM at this most critical of times is grossly irresponsible. You & ERG should be ashamed of yourselves. You’re an embarrassment @BBCr4today

— Anna Soubry MP (@Anna_Soubry) December 12, 2018

Chris Skidmore:

107 days until we leave the EU. The PM has worked unbelievably hard to deliver a deal that reflects the nature of the referendum result, she deserves immense credit and our support. Will be backing her completely. Those contemplating otherwise, just think how bad this looks

— Chris Skidmore (@CSkidmoreUK) December 12, 2018

Chloe Smith

Julian Smith:

Theresa May is the best person to lead both the @Conservatives and the Country. Her integrity, drive and focus is vital at this time

— Julian Smith MP (@JulianSmithUK) December 12, 2018

Nicholas Soames:

I shall support the Prime Minister in the Vote of Confidence tonight against this idiotic challenge at such a desperately serious time for the Country #manupgrowupgetrealdoourduty

— Nicholas Soames (@NSoames) December 12, 2018

Mark Spencer:

I will be supporting the Prime Minister tonight in the 1922 ballot. To indulge in a leadership contest now is completely wrong

— Mark Spencer (@Mark_Spencer) December 12, 2018

Caroline Spelman:

I’m very disappointed that at this hugely significant time in our nations’ history some of my colleagues have seen fit to trigger a confidence vote in @theresa_may. Mrs May has made a supreme effort to deliver on the referendum result. I will continue to support her.

— Dame Caroline Spelman MP (@spelmanc) December 12, 2018

Mel Stride

Julian Sturdy

Rory Stewart:

@theresa_may continues to work with immense integrity to avoid the polarising dangers of no-deal/no-Brexit. And I will of course be voting for her tonight.

— Rory Stewart (@RoryStewartUK) December 12, 2018

Andrew Stephenson:

I will support the Prime Minister @theresa_may tonight. A leadership contest is a distraction and doesn’t change the maths in Parliament. We should be focused on delivering on the British people’s decision to leave the EU.

— Andrew Stephenson MP (@Andrew4Pendle) December 12, 2018

Gary Streeter:

I will be backing Theresa May today. This is not the time for a challenge. Hopefully she will win and we can press on to deliver the Brexit, sensible Brexit, that my constituents voted for.

— Gary Streeter MP (@garystreeterSWD) December 12, 2018

Mel Stride:

I’m supporting the PM - time to put our country first and get the deal done #backingtheresa

— Mel Stride MP (@MelJStride) December 12, 2018

Kelly Tolhurst

Justin Tomlinson:

The PM has been relentless in seeking to deliver Brexit, with Parliamentary numbers stacked to try to frustrate, delay & block.

She has remained focused, determined & courteous throughout.

I will be 100% backing the PM 🗳

— Justin Tomlinson MP (@JustinTomlinson) December 12, 2018

Maggie Throup

Liz Truss:

I fully support the Prime Minister and believe it would be completely wrong to have a leadership election now. She is the right person to deliver Brexit and has shown herself to be strong and determined.

— Liz Truss (@trussliz) December 12, 2018

David Tredinnick

Tom Tugendhat:

I’ve now spoken to my local @Conservatives party, chairman and many councillors and the view is clear - the numbers in Parliament won’t change and March is fast approaching. I’m backing @theresa_may.

— Tom Tugendhat (@TomTugendhat) December 12, 2018

Ed Vaizey:

Email just arrived from Graham Brady, vote tonight on PM’s leadership, between 6 and 8pm. I will be supporting the PM, we don’t need a self indulgent leadership election at this time

— Ed Vaizey (@edvaizey) December 12, 2018

Gavin Williamson:

The Prime Minister has my full support. She works relentlessly hard for our country and is the best person to make sure we leave the EU on 29 March and continue to deliver our domestic agenda.

— Gavin Williamson MP (@GavinWilliamson) December 12, 2018

Craig Whittaker:

On a day of complete madness by a minority of Conservative hardliners, I will be supporting our PM and will work tirelessly today to support her. @theresa_may

— Craig Whittaker MP (@CWhittakerMP) December 12, 2018

Robin Walker:

Totally agree

— Robin Walker MP (@WalkerWorcester) December 12, 2018

Sarah Wollaston:

I’m not voting for more chaos in the midst of a constitutional crisis.

I will be voting for the PM to stay in place. We don’t need a new leader but we do need the leader we have to acknowledge the Parliamentary gridlock & remove her red lines to a #Peoplesvote

— Sarah Wollaston MP (@sarahwollaston) December 12, 2018

Matt Warman:

Tonight I’ll vote to support Theresa May, the most steadfast, resilient Prime Minister - today the country deserves better than a self-involved Conservative Party

— Matt Warman MP (@mattwarman) December 12, 2018

David Warburton:

This evening I will be giving @theresa_may my full and complete support to continue her efforts for the country.

The national interest is not served by dangerous and damaging self-indulgence.

There could hardly be a more critical time for us to work together with common purpose

— David Warburton MP (@DJWarburton) December 12, 2018

Helen Whately

Craig Whittaker:

On a day of complete madness by a minority of Conservative hardliners, I will be supporting our PM and will work tirelessly today to support her. @theresa_may

— Craig Whittaker MP (@CWhittakerMP) December 12, 2018

Mike Wood

Jeremy Wright

Nadhim Zahawi:

I am backing @theresa_may tonight. We do not need further instability and division. Colleagues need to think of the National interest.

— Nadhim Zahawi (@nadhimzahawi) December 12, 2018