The top five moments from Boris’s Commons debut as PM

The top five moments from Boris’s Commons debut as PM
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Theresa May's clashes with Jeremy Corbyn were usually dull affairs. Now that Boris Johnson is Prime Minister, Mr S. is looking forward to some livelier bust-ups in Parliament. Boris didn't disappoint in his first encounter with the Labour leader. Here are five of the best bits from Boris's government debut:

Corbyn's 'terrible' Brexit 'metamorphosis':

Boris wasted little time in going for Corbyn over his mixed-up Brexit position, accusing him of undergoing a “terrible metamorphosis” from “long-standing Eurosceptic” into reluctant Remainer. Boris said the change of heart matched Corbyn’s “turgivisating career”:

"A terrible metamorphosis has taken place, like the final scene of Invasion of the Bodysnatchers, at last this long-standing Eurosceptic... has been turned into a Remainer" - PM Boris Johnson critical of Jeremy Corbyn's stance on #Brexit

Live updates:

— BBC Politics (@BBCPolitics) July 25, 2019

Boris on Corbyn's mullah chums:

Boris also took a pop at Corbyn over his paid appearances on Iran's Press TV. He accused the Labour leader of 'repeatedly sid(ing) with the mullahs of Tehran (over) our friends in the United States...':

John McDonnell: too left wing for Red Ken?

It's been said that the straight-talking shadow chancellor is more of a threat to the Tories than the Labour leader. It seems that Boris Johnson agrees, with the PM pinpointing John McDonnell in the Commons. He quipped that McDonnell had once been sacked by former London mayor Ken Livingstone for being ‘too left-wing’ and ‘fabricating a budget!’.

Boris on Soubry's backing of Article 50:

Arch-Remainer Anna Soubry rubbished Boris's ‘optimism’ and asked whether the final decision on no deal will return to “this sovereign parliament” before October 31. But it seems Soubry wasn't braced for Boris's response:

I asked @BorisJohnson to promise that if he fails to get a new “deal” with the EU, Parliament will determine what happens next. He refused. Be in no doubt the Govt is determined to crash us out of the #EU with #NoDeal

— Anna Soubry MP (@Anna_Soubry) July 25, 2019

Boris blasts Ian Blackford:

The SNP's Westminster leader Ian Blackford accused Boris of entering Downing Sreet by the backdoor. But as the PM pointed out, it seemed a little rich for Blackford to complain about leaders taking charge without a vote taking place:

"The people voted in 2015, 2016, 2017... What they want to see is Parliament delivering on the mandate that they gave us”

Boris Johnson rejects criticism that his election, by Tory members, means he lacks a mandate to become PM

Live updates:

— BBC Politics (@BBCPolitics) July 25, 2019

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