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The Worst People in Europe?

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My favourite comment of the year was left in response to Ross Douthat's reply to this post of mine:

This has to be the most useless post of the year. Why do conservatives like scottish independence? because they are as malevolent as the SNP.

I mean, I like Slovakia, but breaking up Yugoslavia was, well, not the best thing in the world.

Fairness demands I acknowledge that once his geography had been corrected, the same commenter rephrased his point thus:

NDM, quite correct about my Slovakia/Slovenia mixup.  Up there with Mauritius and Mauritania.

However, to judge the disaster that was the breakup of Yugoslavia by observing the Slovenia has done well -- and it has -- is disingenuous. Somebody always comes up on top in these struggles.

My main point is that it sign of the general idiocy of the American right if they somehow mistake a nostalgia for Scotland --my ancestral place -- with supporting the efforts of the SNP.

Why is it that these groups that scream the largest in Europe for separation are the most unpleasant: Basques, Croats, Flems, (and now Scots?)

Ah yes, Yugoslavia. In the next few years we will doubtless be subjected to much hand-wringing over the supposed "Balkanisation" of Britain. This is idiotic. The comparison between the United Kingdom and Yugoslavia is as fatuous as it is irrelevent - unless, that is, you really think that Scotland is going to invade Berwick to safeguard the rights of Scots unfortunate enough to be trapped on the southern bank of the Tweed...

And, why, for shame, are the Slovaks deemed too nice to be listed in this parade of ghastliness?


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