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Vince flip-flops on yet another issue

Vince flip-flops on yet another issue
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On Wednesday, Vince Cable said during the Chancellors’ debate that the Tories’ planned £6 billion of efficency savings really didn’t amount to that much. Here’s the exchange:

Andrew Neil: ‘Vince you used to be an economist. Are you seriously arguing that 6bn would make a difference one way or the other to a 1.5 trillion pound economy’

Vince Cable: ‘No I wouldn’t. But what I would argue for is broad fiscal neutrality. On this issue of timing it’s absolutely right in the coming year’

AN: ‘What does that mean in English?’

VC: ‘It means in simple English it’s not having a severe contraction of the budget deficit’ 

  AN: ‘Well 6 billion isn’t severe?’

VC: ‘Well that’s what I’m trying to say.’

"There is a very real danger the economy could fall back into recession," says Lib Dem Treasury spokesman Vince Cable. "The Conservatives' so-called efficiency savings are particularly dangerous," he says. "They have no clue where or how these 'efficiencies' will be made, making it likely they will be nothing more than a smoke screen for job cuts."

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