Squeaks and squawks

14 December 2009
The Bloomsbury Group The British Library

The British Library, pp.2 CDs, 131 minutes, 15.50

How often, when listening to announcers or weather forecasters or politicians on the radio, do I think, ‘That’s an ugly voice’! This seldom applies to speakers with educated regional accents,… Read more

Recent books for children

9 December 2009

One thing which struck me immediately on surveying the books on offer for children this Christmas is the large number which are really toys, with only a minor bookish element.… Read more

Delight and horror

11 November 2009
Love to the Little Ones Louisa Lane Fox (editor)

Frances Lincoln, pp.303, 14.99

‘Everything that the lovingest of husbands can express to the best of wives, & love to the little ones, not forgetting the kicker in the dark,’ Jack Verney wrote to… Read more

Voices of change

21 October 2009
Family Britain, 1951-1957 David Kynaston

Bloomsbury, pp.784, 25

Not every writer would begin a history of the 1950s with a vignette in which the young Keith Waterhouse treads on Princess Margaret by mistake. But David Kynaston is an… Read more