App advertising technical specifications

• Must supply one complete bundle that contains assets that work on all iPad, iPhone, Kindle Fire and other Android devices. Currently there is no way to choose which device the ad will run on. If an ad does not work across all devices it will be rejected.

• Bundle needs to be supplied as a single .zip file. All standard HTML best practices should be followed.

• Dynamic ads must not have swiping interaction which locks the user within the ad. If the advertiser employs swiping gestures it must provide an obvious way to exit the advertisement.

• All ads should work offline and will be downloaded with the package for the issue.


• The deadline for delivery to The Spectator is Friday 1pm, 8 days prior to issue date. For example, issue date 12 September would require delivery by 1pm 4 September.


Please feel free to download a sample bundle below

• This zip bundle contains 6 static images, CSS file and 1 index.html file

• Download a sample advertising bundle here

Video App ad

If you plan to develop a video app ad that works only on the iPad, you will still need to create default static images that will display on the other devices so ideally the 6 static images will still need to be supplied all bundled in the same zip file.

• For detailed technical specs

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