‘Just say sorry’: Jeremy Corbyn confronted over anti-Semitism

'Just say sorry': Jeremy Corbyn confronted over anti-Semitism
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Jeremy Corbyn has finally said sorry for anti-Semitism within the Labour party. The Labour leader was asked five times by This Morning presenter Phillip Schofield to apologise to worried Jewish people. Finally, he backed down and said he was 'obviously very sorry for everything that has happened':

Schofield: 'Here is your opportunity now to apologise to the Jewish community for any anti-Semitism by labour members.'

Corbyn: 'Look, our party...can I make it clear?'

Schofield: 'Just say sorry'

Corbyn: 'Can I make it clear? Wait a minute...'

Schofield: 'No, just say sorry'

Corbyn: 'Can I say something?'

Schofield: 'I want you to say sorry'

Better late than never...

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