‘Prime Minister, stop talking’: Nick Robinson clashes with Boris

‘Prime Minister, stop talking’: Nick Robinson clashes with Boris
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Boris Johnson made a rare appearance on the Today programme this morning to drum up support for his agenda ahead of his conference speech tomorrow. But while listeners may have been hoping to hear a serious discussion about the state of the country, petrol pumps and supply chain woes, the interview quickly became a scrap between the Prime Minister and the programme’s host, Nick Robinson.

The interview got off to a tetchy start with Robinson chiding the prime minister for not appearing on Today for two years. The PM jovially replied that ‘time had flown’ and began declaiming on the current global energy crisis. Johnson then answered several questions, with Robinson interrupting more and more as he became increasingly irked about the length of the PM’s answers. After Robinson complained that Boris Johnson was repeating talking points, the PM poked fun at his host, saying that he hadn’t ‘had a chance to make this point on your show for two years, by your own account.’

As the two men talked over one another later in the interview, Robinson then admonished Boris, commanding him: ‘Prime Minister, stop talking. We are going to have questions and answers, not where you merely talk, if you wouldn’t mind.’

Listen here:

After that showing, it will probably be at least another two years before Boris appears on the programme again…

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